Sunday, November 28, 2010

Getting better.....

Nothing really new with us. We had a wonderful Thanksgiving with the family. Miss our other family that lives in Pocatello. Loved the Thanksgiving break away from school, don’t want to go back. We got to enjoy each other and have free time which was so nice even though I really should have done homework.

My sister and I went shopping on Black Friday. I know call us crazy. We started at midnight at Wal-Mart, then by 1 we were standing in line a Target for 3 hours (opened at 4) then by 5 we were still in line to check out. I left my sister in line and I went to a Shopko got out of there by 630 and my sister had just been out for maybe 20 minutes. It was crazy insane. Then we went to Fred Meyer to get socks. We were home by 730 got there throw my keys and wallet on the ground and feel to the ground. As soon as I put my head on the ground Donaven attached me. So needless to say I didn't get to sleep every long. We both took a nap together then by 3 I went and woke up Travis so I could get some sleep before the BSU game. So I got into bed then couldn't sleep because all I could think about what that I needed to tell Travis what had happened and everything that I got. So then I did that. Did some work and then I finally feel asleep and then like an hour later it was time to go. So didn't get a lot of sleep but when you’re dumb you got to be tough. The only good thing is that I got most of our Christmas done. Just a few people left and Donaven Birthday!

Donaven is turning ONE in 19 days. I can't believe it. Our little boy is one. He has been such a blast this year and I can't wait to see what is in store for us next year. I know it’s going to be a challenge but I can't wait for it. He has been talking and running like crazy. He is such an odd duck and anyone can tell you the same thing. That is the best thing about him. He has his own personality that we just love to have around. He smiles to everyone, loves to give hugs and kisses. And it is usually not one it like ten. This makes anyone’s day. Get into everything and loves to throw it. Drives me crazy.

The funniest thing happened tonight. Travis was giving him a bath and usually after every bath he loves to run around naked for a minute or two then he gets ready for bed. Well he thought he would have a little fun with daddy and so did I. Donaven was in the kitchen and Travis was getting up to go get him and I said "run run run" and well he did. Travis was chasing him all over the house while he was naked. He thought it was the funniest thing every. He was laughing so hard he ran into objects. But then would get back up and see where his daddy was. As soon as Travis would get close to him he would run again. I died laughing and Travis was like fine whatever you get him dressed. Then I stopped. :) I was just glad that he didn’t pee or poop on the carpet because that has already happened once when he ran around naked after bath time.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Why Why

Don't know why it is so hard to try and write something every week but it is. Going to try and be better but not going to promise anything :) Just got family pictures done the other day and they are super cute.

Donaven is almost 11 months old. Which is crazy to think because that means he will be a YEAR old next month. I can't believe how much time has gone by. He is walking and running all over the place. He is a handful. He started walking at 9 months. He can stop just about anyone that he passes. They stop and say how cute he is and then he just smiles and runs away. So funny. Big time flirt and we are not even one. Can you say big trouble. Donaven last time we weighted was at 24 pounds. I know chuncky monkey, he is healthy and strong and that is all that matters to us. We keep hoping that he will start to lose some since he is walking and running but he just seems to want to eat more lol. He is starting not to like baby food any more and wants what ever we are having. He still only has 2 teeth. I keep thinking that he is teething but he's not. So I am waiting for the day that all of his teeth will come in at once. :)

Travis is still working at Freds. He is now working the grave yard shift. Which is kind of nice and not at the same time. We have a lot more family time which is awesome but he is gone during the night and sometimes that is really scary. But it brings in the money to pay the bills. He is getting a raise in the next few weeks we hope. (cross our fingers). So that will be nice to have a little bit more coming in. He is going to school part time and just keeping busy.

I am also going to school and have about 10 credits. I did have 12 but I dropped one class when we were moving and everything was changing. It was just to hard. I actually just started my own business. Premier Designs Jewelry. I am an consultant. I am really excited about it I hope that everything goes well. Its nice just having to work when I want and for how long I want. But the other nice thing is it is kind of my away time from everything.

We just welcomed a new niece into the world today 11/08/10. He name is Jami Lyn Glascock. She was 9 pounds 5 ounces and 22 inches long. She had a lot of dark hair. Just the cutest thing ever.