Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Where do I begin?

Well since I left off in December I will start with the first of the year. Beware its long.

OREN: I have enjoyed watching him grow and become his own little person. From the beginning I knew it was going to be different then Donaven. He has been a bit more of a challenge for me. Not that he is a bad babe because he is not just different. He started taking a bottle when I went back to school and then one day all of sudden stopped. YES STOPPED. He refuses to eat. He will go 10-12 hours without eating, and he refused to eat food. I tried so hard to get him to take a bottle when I wasn’t home but it never worked. So after 2 weeks of trying and crying I gave up. It was so hard on us (most me I think). It took 2 hours just to get him to drink maybe 2 ounce if that. You had to pin him down and pray he would take it. So I asked my doctor what to do and she has told me I need to leave him for a weekend with someone and maybe he will learn to drink from a bottle. Then he got sick with an ear infection, then we went on vacation for almost 2 weeks came on home Travis didn’t have 2 days off in a row then he got another ear infection thought it was done and then he got another one and the doctors says the medication didn’t work. Then he got pink eye which I have no idea how he got that but he did. So needless to say I have not left him for a weekend. So I pretty much just gave up and decided to stick it out till the end of the year since he will be ONE already. Insane that my baby will be one already.

He is one lazy butt.:) So before I had him people always told me never to compare the two boys because they will be completely different and I was convinced that I never would well guess what I did. I didn’t think I was but I caught myself and I felt bad but wow is it hard not to. This kid has rolled over once and it was on the couch at about 3-4mths old and has done nothing since. He was able to sit up on his own by 5mth and when I brought this up to my doctor she said its ok doesn’t matter because he could sit up that all that matters. So that relieved me a little. So it has been nice because I can sit him down anywhere and know he will not go anywhere. But little did I know he would soon learn to move and shift in different directions. He is able to get onto him tummy and get back to him butt and he crawls backwards. Which is really funny, but he gets around very well doing that. He still will not roll over to his back so when he gets stuck he will just sit and cry until someone comes to help him. He will pull himself up on objects/people if they are stable enough. He has two teeth coming in on the bottom. He loves to rough house with his older brother which worries me little because Donaven doesn’t know how to be soft at times. There has been a time I come in and Donaven is standing on Oren and Oren is just laughing and thinks it funny. So of course so does Donaven. Oren loves to watch is brother play and be his weird self. He loves to shake his head “no” and clad his hands when you say “Yay Oren.”

He is a MOMMY boy to the max. He will be fine when I am in his eye sight the minute I leave you would of though he was going to die. Some days it funny other days not so much because then I have no quite time. He really is the cutest thing in the world. We are very lucky to have him in our lives. It’s a fun adventure every day with him.

DONAVEN: What to say about him well he is 2 ½ years old so we are getting to the stage of tantrums and well he does have them but not as often as I thought he was going to have them. There will be times that he yells at me trying to get his point across and it is just so funny I just don’t know what to do. My family saw it for the first time the other day and they couldn’t believe their eyes. They laughed so hard and said if he could really talk he could be cursing at me. He loves and I mean LOVES sports. He plays all of them to Baseball, Basketball, Hockey, Gold, Tennis, Soccer. He will play inside or outside. The funniest part is for his bats he will not use his bat he has to use my spatulas and makes up the rules. He will dress you up with a hat, bat and ball. It has been entertaining to see his aunts being dressed up by a 2yr old. But they do just go along and have a blast. They are awesome sports.

He is talking so much more and most people can understand him which is awesome. He loves his little brother and will protect him with all that he has. We got an ipad at the beginning of the year and that kid doesn’t go anywhere without it. I was a little worried at first but he has learned so much from it. He can sometimes work it better than Trav and I can. He even taught his Grandma Great how to use it. She was so shocked to see that he knew how to work it. He can do puzzles with his eyes shut. Loves to watch shows on it, loves to draw and color. He is pretty good taking turns with it but when he has it and doesn’t want to share you better run and hide.

Starting to try and get him interested in potty training. So far so good, he wants to actually sit on the potty which is a big step in
my book. Usually he would just walk in the bathroom and be done with it now he is finally sitting on the potty. He gets so excited about it and wants to do it again. He knows when he is going so we are just about there. Super excited for that next adventure and plus that means I will only have one in diapers which would be awesome. So I am hoping by the time he is 3 which gives me 5 months that he will be potty trained. So wish me good luck. Making Bread for Kimmy and Nono (aunt kim and mel) This is Aunt Anna Aunt Kimmy his new favorite person.

Since this is such a long post I am going to end it here and update Travis and I another day.

(Still learning how to blog so I know this post doesn't look put together. But hey at least I am trying)