Saturday, November 10, 2012

Oren turns ONE!

I can't believe that my baby is ONE already. Time went by so fast.
One year ago today I was getting everything packed in my bags so we would be ready to go to the hospital to have a little Oren Dean grace us with is presence. He was born 11/11/11 at 12:10pm. I will never forget the 9 months that we shared together even though he gave me a lot of problems but it was all worth it in the end.
Oren is completely different than Donaven in so many ways. He keeps us on our toes at all times. 
We are so lucky to have him in our lives. He is something special. For his birthday I wanted to do something fun and interesting and I did. I looked on the internet mostly Pinterest (love that place), and I found the perfect theme for my little guy. Its unique just like him. I try and do a theme that matches their personality. But Oren is just all over the place. He can do nothing and be happy. Doesn't have to have a certain toy every day, just goes with the flow (mostly his brother :) So I came across the theme of UNO and feel in love. So that was his amazing theme. I worked all month long on different projects when I could. Since Travis birthday is just two days after Oren we decided that we would just combine them and have a double birthday party. I know the theme wasn't that great for Travis but got to pick the food and got presents too. So it all worked out :) We had two parties one was with the Baker family and the second was with the Lang family. Both went well.

 I made both of the boys shirts. That was a project in a half. I found many different things on pinterst but then my sister in law told me she new a easier way. So I returned everything and went the easier way. Loved them. All I did was buy fabric transfer paper and took an uno card to the store and had them blow it up for me, then printed it out on the transfer paper and iron on the shirt. LOVE it. I have even washed it and stayed on and nothing came off. I will do that again. Travis shirt is the Wild one.
 These are my fun photos that I took to make his invitation. He loved being able to play with cards and not get them taken away :) Still working on figuring out how to put my invitation up on here so when I do I will post again.

 This was his face after opening a present from Grandma/Grandpa Baker. It was priceless and so fun to watch him. He wasn't sure about everything at first. He reminded me of Donaven because after each piece of paper he took off he would have to hand it to someone before he began opening the present again. :) Donaven had a hard time letting just his brother open present but daddy was nice and let Donaven help him open his presents.
 This is probably my favorite thing I made for the party. Thank you so much to Kim Baker for helping me put it together and Mom Baker for letting me use your cake pans.
 This was Oren wonderful cake the Aunt Heather made of him. Super cute and I was able to bring the bottom part home and we used it at the Lang party.
 Travis isn't a big fan of cake so Heather did cookies which are his favorite and that was his cake.
 These are the party favors that we gave out. Filled them all with m&m and one UNO card. Love it
 My longest project that I did were these posters. If you remember back in grade school when you made tissue paper projects, where you would use little squares of tissue paper and you used glue and end of pencil and twisted and them put on paper. Well That is what those are. TOOK FOREVER. I used a projector from Kim and blew them up big enough and then started the process. Oren is #1 and Travis was the Reverse sign. I wish I would have done a Wild but I wasn't really thinking. But I love it too.

 He really enjoyed his cake and ice cream! Then towards the end he was done so he started throwing it on the floor and laughing. Little stinker.

Then I took old UNO cards that my mother in law didn't want and put holes in them and made my banners. I had them all over the house. Super fun.
I sure hope everyone that came to the parties enjoyed themselves and had a good time. Happy Birthday to my wonderful Husband who is amazing and so good to me and the kids 11/13. So lucky to have you in our lives. To my little Oren. You may not care or even remember this birthday but it was fun and Happy birthday to you on 11/11/.

We also meet a wonderful new family in our ward. The funniest thing is that both boys were born on 11/11 just about half hour difference and were delivered by the same doctor at the same hospital. So I think they were meet to be buddies. So to celebrate their birthday we went to jabbers and let them run wild. We had a blast. 

Many different faces of Mr. O