Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Oh my goodness….

I have been so bad at this. I always forget that I have one of these. I just love to look at other peoples and get ideas and see what is new with them. Then when I normally remember I get distracted. Well just a little update on the family.

Travis and I just celebrated our 3rd anniversary. We had so much fun. His parents came down for the weekend and it was so nice to have them all to ourselves. Went out to dinner played games and my mother in law beat me really bad. One game that I LOVE to play is 5 crowns; well let me just say she had the new/best record ever. She won 0 to 52 I think. It was ridiculous. I didn’t want to play the rest of the weekend but I did anyways. Then main reason they came down was so that Travis and I could go away for a night and enjoy each other like we used to. Hahaha. We always have a hard time leaving our little boy so it took us a little bit to leave. Once we did we went to Wahoos. OMG that was much fun. We wanted to see how many tickets we could get because we can never ever get over 150 and you will never believe it we won 474 tickets we were so excited. Our first game we played was Deal or No Deal. And Travis picked number 11. We had a few scares here and there. We were down to 2 case ours and the one on the board. One had 15 tickets and the other have 100 tickets (the highest you could win). We said no to our deal of 57 tickets and risked it all. We WON 100 TICKETS. We were so excited. Didn’t stop there, we saw a lady playing a game and she was getting tons of tickets but just dropping a coin in so that is what we ended up playing the rest of the night after basketball, skeeball (don’t know if that’s how you spell it but oh well lol), and air hockey. So we went up to the counter to pick our prizes and all we could think about is what Donaven would like to play with. So we got a giant dice, Hammer, football, one air head and two tootsie rolls. We were so excited and then realized we had the blow them all up and we don’t have a pump so needless to say they are still sitting on the counter waiting to be blown up. Then we went shopping/looking around at Toys R Us, Old Navy, then went and walked the Mall, went to dinner at Olive Garden and our waitress was fantastic, then went to Fred Meyers to buy a game and then we went to the Anniversary Inn. We started in the Hollywood Romance Room. Loved it, so pretty and relaxing.

Sadly I am still in school but, I went and talked with an advisor as long as I at least take 9 credits a semester I will graduate in 2013. How awesome is that. I am super excited and I can finally see the end. I just hope that every things works out and I will be able to finally graduate. Starting next summer Travis and I are both going to take summer classes to help the process go faster. We still don’t know how long Travis has but he just needs to get in with an advisor and talk it out. I don’t think he has much longer either.

Travis works so hard and I am so proud of him. In June and July his schedule will be changing to 1-11pm. Which will suck but it will be worth it in the end. Donaven and I will just have to adjust the best we can. The reason this is happening is that he is training to become a Manger for Fred Meyer. I am so proud of him and everything he has done for this family and letting me stay home with our wonderful son.

Donaven is growing every day. Just gave him a hair cute the other day and he looks so much older and like a mini Travis. Love it. One funny thing I must share with you. My son knows what is right and what is wrong with mommy and daddy but not with other people. He knows he can through the rules out the window. My mom was watching him the other day and Donaven knows he is not supposed to have the red PS remote he can only play with the blue one. But he knew that grandma didn’t know that. So he looked at her and just laughed went and grabbed the blue PS remote and gave it to her and he took the red PS remote and he just started laughing and pushing all the buttons. My mom had no idea why he thought this was funny until we came home and told her. She couldn’t believe that he could have done that. He is a very smart little boy and most of the time too smart for his own good. All we could do is pray he didn’t buy anything and laugh at the situation. Donaven loves to play outside. I am so excited for the weather to get warm because this kid will probably live outside all summer. He is going to have a blast.