Wednesday, November 23, 2011

OREN is here. He was born 11/11/11 at 12:10 weight 7lbs and 19.4 inches long. He is healthy and strong boy. The nurses just loved him from the beginning. They keep saying what great color he had from the moment they pulled him out. My c-section was fast they started at 12 and he was out by 12:10. They funniest thing I thought was the conversation that my doctors were having while they were operating on me. :) I did have a hard time with the medicine they gave me I was throwing up all day/night. Then they gave me some other medicine to help with the throwing up and well I was out the rest of the night. I do not take medicine well and I told my nurses that before they gave it to me so they were warned. The next morning the nurses looked at me and said you weren’t lying to me when you said you don’t take medicine well and we both laughed. I kind of remember who came up but I don’t remember talking to anyone. When my family heard what they gave me they laughed and said ok I will see her tomorrow. :) Oren and I were in the hospital for 3 days. I have been in a little bit more pain then what I can remember with Donaven. They did have me walking the next morning after my surgery which was different because I thought I would have a little bit more time. I had some great nurses that helped me through everything and they were also very personable and I loved talking to them. Even though this was my second baby I still had a bunch of questions and they would sit with me and talk to me about everything.

While Oren and I were in the hospital my sister in law Heather was down to help Travis and Donaven out. Thankful for her because Travis was able to be with me a little bit more that we thought he could be. So thank you Heather. The first week we were home Travis took the whole week off to help out and to be with us. My sister in law Val and her kids came down for the weekend to help out and that was fun. She cleaned my house and helped out with Donaven. Grateful for her love and her support. Then my mom has helped us out the next 9 days which has been amazing. I love her so much. She has been amazing at being here and helping me with Donaven, house, Oren and I. She evens comes over at night to stay on my couch since Travis works the grave yard shift so she is here for me if I need help, also here when Donaven wakes up in the morning. Then she stays with me all day until Travis wakes up and then leaves to go home and then comes back later. I am so lucky to have my mom so close to me and willing to help me out. She has been amazing and I love her so much. I have my mother in law coming next week to be with us. I am looking forward to have here with us and help me out and play five crowns (LOL).

Donaven has been an amazing big brother. We are so proud of him. I didn’t set my hopes up high so I wouldn’t be disappointed. Donaven has exceeded my expectations. He has loved his brother and helped us out with him. He calls him his baby. When he hears him cry he runs to him and tries to get him to stop by either giving him a kiss, binky, or patting his tummy. When he hasn’t seen him in a while he will run in his room and climb on the chair and peek in his crib. He is just the cuties thing ever. The first night was different having two different cries to listen for. Oren isn’t a big crier yet but I heard Donaven yell “dada baby dada baby” while he was banging on the door. As soon as I picked up Oren and got him to stop crying he went back to bed. He did it again the next time he woke up. He is either a light sleeper or just very concerned with his little brother. He hasn’t done it since and I am ok with that.

Oren is almost 2 weeks old and we all just love him so much. I still can’t believe he is finally here. My days go by so much faster. He is a good baby loves to eat and sleep. Once in awhile he will stay wake during the day for people to talk with him but most of the time he loves to stay awake for at least an hour in the middle of the night. Drives me crazy but figured he just wants to be with his mommy. :) He loves to cuddle on your chest with a blanket. We also went to the doctor yesterday and he has gain weight and he is back up to his birth weight which is awesome. The one thing that I have a hard time with is he only eats for like maybe 10 minutes and then he is done for 3-4 hours. I worried for a while but then I pumped one day for 10 minutes and well lets say he is getting plenty of milk. lol

Sunday, November 6, 2011

My sister took this picture just the other day. Love it!

Well the time has finally come. I didn’t think it would ever come but it is here. Oren will be here in 5 days. I have scheduled a c-section for Friday November 11, 2011 at noon. I have to arrive at the hospital at 10:30 and by 12:30 our little boy will grace us with his presence. We have been contemplating having a c-section or trying to have a v-bac. We were all for a v-bac but with all the complications that I have had we decided to take the safe route and just get him here safe and sound. It will take a little longer to recover but its nothing we can’t handle.
It has been a very rock road but we are on the last days. I could have not made it without the help of my family, friends and ward members. Everyone has been so willing to help. I don’t know what Donaven is going to do when he actually has to stay home with me all the time again lol. He has been good through this whole process. It started out rocking but now when people come over he looks at me and says bye and walks out the door talking away to whoever it is. I am very grateful for everyone that has helped out our family.
So next time I update this blog we will have another addition. Can’t wait for you all to meet him.

This is me right before I got put on bedrest so I was about 32 weeks.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Its been a rough few days. Staying off your feet is really hard. There are so many things you want to do but can’t. I have had the best support system and I have only been on bed rest for 5 days. This has been a real test for me and I have grown so much in just five day.

My ward has been amazing to us. I don’t know a lot of women in the ward so I guess I figured I wouldn’t get a ton of help because I didn’t know a lot. We have gotten dinner brought to us and there have been sisters coming over and taking Donaven for a few hours every day. I don’t have to worry about him. My friend that used to be in my ward also stopped by and told me ok what do you want me to do. Her willingness to help me when she has such a busy life herself is amazing. I am so grateful for their willingness to help my family and I in this time of need. This has truly strengthened my testimony of so many things but most of all the Relief Society. I had 3 women come over last night to come pick up my house and watch a movie. They didn’t even hesitate to do my dishes in the sink to pick up trash the minute they walked in the door. They were so amazing. They even brought me a treat which tasted so good. Instead of watching a movie we ended up talking which was awesome because I am getting to know them and I love them even more. These women that are helping me out will never understand what it means to me and how grateful I am that they are in my life.

Went to the doctor…… My blood pressure went down but it is still high. So my doctor told me that I would probably be on bed rest the rest of the pregnancy which sucks but it’s ok, it will be worth it when Oren gets here. I have to go in every week now. Starting at 35 weeks I will have to go in twice a week and do test to make sure baby and I are healthy. So that will be fun.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

33 Weeks and counting…..

Well this is going to be bitter sweet blog today. I went into the doctor 2 weeks ago and my blood pressure jumped so it gave my doctor a red flag. He told me to take it easy and lay down as much as I can. I just laughed and said ok I will do my best. I do have an almost 2 year old. So it has been very interesting. I have done my best. Those who know me know I can’t sit still for the life of me. There is always something that I can be doing. This past week has been really rough on us. I have had some pain when I walk/sit and people tell me that I am having Braxton hicks and others say I am having false labor. I just don’t know what to think. The hard part is I don’t really remember what bad contractions are since I only dilated to a 3 or 4 with Donaven then had an emergency c-section. I can handle pain pretty good, so just don’t know what to think. So I couldn’t wait to go to the doctor to find out what I was feeling. On the other hand I am really scared because if my blood pressure doesn’t go down I am afraid he is going to tell me the worse news I could hear and that is “best rest.” Worst part of all I have planned a girls weekend away with one of my best friend (Jillian) and we leave as soon as my doctor appointment is done on Friday.

So all packed and ready to leave for my trip away and just waiting for my doctor appointment. So we go in and kind of nervous but I have been really good and I have been resting a ton so I was just crossing my fingers. So the nurse took my blood pressure and she just looked at me and I freaked out even more then I already was. So she was like I am going to take it again and then I will be right back. Well the doctor came in and was like this is not good. With blood pressure this high we need to admit you to the hospital to stay overnight and keep you and the baby on watch. I just wanted to cry. I couldn’t believe this was happening to me. My hubby just looked at me and said breath it will be ok. The worst thing that keeps coming to my mind because my doctor brought it up was that it was going to be preeclampsia. This would mean he could take Oren now. Worst fear. I know he isn’t ready he needs to stay in me and cook for just a few more weeks. So I called my dad and left a message then my sister to tell her and have her call the rest of my family because I wasn’t going to call everyone. My hubby called his side of the family to inform them of the situation. We checked in and lucky us Donaven was having a blast playing with all the tons in the waiting room so he wasn’t a problem. He would see an animal and run over to us and tell us the name and show us the picture. It was the cutest thing. So got checked in and got put in a room lucky me I had extra clothes in the car since I was supposed to be leaving I was able wear my own PJ’s and not the stupid hospital gown. Donaven had so much fun getting into everything. While the nurse was putting the IV Donaven and Travis left the room. Lucky for me she was just cleaning up my hand and Donaven came running into my room and yelled mama and the nurse jumped and things went flying a little. It was so funny she was so glad that she had finished because if not that wouldn’t have been pretty 

My dad and Anna came up to take Donaven for a little bit. Before my dad left Travis and he gave me a blessing and this was the best thing for me to hear. I am so great for men in my life that hold the priesthood and are able to give me a blessing in time of need. Something that I would like to share was in my blessing Travis told me that I need to learn and understand the word “RELAX” I laugh now because I really don’t know what this word means because I don’t know how to. So this is going to be a big trail in my life. I am going to have to depend upon other people to help me around the house and with my family. I am one that doesn’t like to ask for help. I know that I am going to have to get over this and ask for all the help I can get. I just cried when I think about having other people come over and take Donaven for a few hours while Travis is sleeping because I am alive and I can watch my own son its not like I have 2 broken legs. Oren and I are the most important thing right now. I need to keep both of us save from harm. So I have to be a good girl and rest. I got released from the hospital and I am now on Moderate Bed Rest. This means I can get up to go potty and eat but that is it. I can’t go anywhere or do any chores. So my hubby is getting all the responsibility and I feel bad but he has been really good this weekend. He understands the severity of the situation and has done amazing. So lucky to have him in my life. So let’s hope the next 7 weeks go by fast.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

10 weeks left….

Well life has been crazy and slow at the same time. Donaven and I did a lot of traveling in July and we were hardly home. Then August came and for the first time since Travis and I have been married you left me for the weekend and took Donaven with him. I had a weekend to MYSELF!?! I have never had that. I am always the one leaving him. It was actually kind of nice. Didn’t know what to do with myself, so of course I clean the house and worked on the baby room and then my amazing friend Jillian came over and we had a girl’s night which was a blast. We went out to dinner and then watched a movie. I had tons of fun and when Travis got home I said “no wonder you like me to leave” I told him he could do that about once of month and that would be ok with me.
We are getting down to the wire for when Oren is going to grace us. We are so excited. I have been working with Donaven that he is going to be a big brother and that mommy has a baby in her tummy. He is doing pretty well with it. When he sees a baby he goes crazy and then he is done.  I know he is going to be a great big brother. I painted both of the boy’s room this summer and had a blast doing it. I can’t wait to finish painting the whole house but that takes money and time which it very limited in our hands. I just about have Oren room all done just a few things here and there that we need to get. Can’t explain how excited we are to meet this little boy. We think he is crazy for choosing us as his parents because we are crazy and sometime don’t know what we are doing, but then again who isn’t right. We are thrilled that he has chosen us and we hope we don’t let him down. I know life is going to be crazy and I am never going to have down time again but I can’t wait for that.
Update on Donaven. He is crazy as ever. His new favorite things to do are build blocks, clean with a wet wipe, watch Elmo, reading book, repeating words we say and of course play outside. He is getting so big I can’t believe it, he is no longer my little baby. He is sleeping in a big boy bed which he did amazing transferring into. I didn’t have any trouble with that which I was very grateful for. Right now I am teaching him to pick up after himself and its going ok when he is in the mood lol. About 90% of the time he puts everything back where it is supposed to go except when it comes to his books in his room he just throws them on the floor and thinks that it good. He is talking a bunch more which is really fun. My favorite word he says right now is turtle. I don’t know when I love it so much but it is just the cutest thing in the world.
Travis has switch back to grave yard shifts which has been nice and hard at the same time. With school starting and changing schedule it is taking time to get used to it. I am so proud of him and thankful for him and all he does for our family. He is the reason that I get to be a stay at home mom and I couldn’t ask for anything else.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

I know it has been a very long time since I have updated out blog. We have a lot to cover since March. Well where to begin. We finally finish school for the semester and we are on to summer which is going to be exciting and adventures for us.

Over the past couple of months things have been rough around the edges and I have had a hard time keeping up with Donaven and all of my daily events that I should keep up with. Yes if you haven’t already heard we are excepting a little one on November 18, 2011. We are so excited can’t even stand it. It has pretty much been like my last pregnancy which is SICK SICK SICK. But what can you do about that. Every day I just have to remind myself that I get the privilege to carry a child and the day this baby is born it will be worth everything pain I go through. We are very fortunate to have such a well behaved first child. He has been amazing through the process so far with me being sick. He will just stare at me while I am in the bathroom throwing up and then he will flush the toilet for me and give me loves and lay down with me. Just the cutest thing in the world. I couldn’t ask for a better son. My sense of smell has kicked in very earlier. This is a big change because with Donaven smells didn’t really bother me but this round they do. It amazing that I can smell something horrible and have to leave the room until the smell is gone. Travis is having a hard time with it because he has to do a lot of the dirty work but he has been a good helper.

So this summer we are working on changing rooms so Donaven can have a big boy room and putting him into a twin bed. So excited to see how he takes it. I am trying to think of a theme and cute ways to decorate it so if you have any suggestions please let me know (I will take anything). Then we are going to have Donaven old room become the nursery for the new baby. No we do not know what we are having yet but hopefully by the 21 of June we will know. Deep down we both want a little girl but then on the flip side we hope it’s a boy because we have anything and won’t really need to buy anything. We will take whatever the lord gives us. Also this summer we hope to paint the inside of our house room by room. Picking out paint is a big decisions and tough one, never would have thought lol.

Travis is training to become a Manger at work. So he has a new schedule and not going to lie I hate it. He seems to always be gone. I loved his old shift which was grave yard because his schedule was consistent and he got to spend tons of time with Donaven and I. We are having a hard time getting used to yet but who wouldn’t. So he is doing this training for about 2 months and then he will be back to grave yards. Then he also got a calling in church to be the Stake Assistant Athletic Director. This calling has been great for him and getting out there to meet new people.

I am still a Premier Designs Consultant and I am loving it. It has been good, some months are slower than others but what can you expect. Other than that I am just staying home with my boy. We did take up watching my niece Tagen while her parents work Monday-Friday. That has been really good for Donaven in teaching him to share and be soft. Does really good for the first few hours then realizes what he is doing and stops. Really funny. Other than being pregnant and sick all the time that’s I am doing.

We did get Roaring Springs season pass we just hope the weather warms up so we can start using them. We are going on our Family Vacation at the end of this month. So hopefully that goes well. Going to St. George for a week and a half just me and Donaven then Travis is meeting us there and going to San Diego for a week.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Oh my goodness….

I have been so bad at this. I always forget that I have one of these. I just love to look at other peoples and get ideas and see what is new with them. Then when I normally remember I get distracted. Well just a little update on the family.

Travis and I just celebrated our 3rd anniversary. We had so much fun. His parents came down for the weekend and it was so nice to have them all to ourselves. Went out to dinner played games and my mother in law beat me really bad. One game that I LOVE to play is 5 crowns; well let me just say she had the new/best record ever. She won 0 to 52 I think. It was ridiculous. I didn’t want to play the rest of the weekend but I did anyways. Then main reason they came down was so that Travis and I could go away for a night and enjoy each other like we used to. Hahaha. We always have a hard time leaving our little boy so it took us a little bit to leave. Once we did we went to Wahoos. OMG that was much fun. We wanted to see how many tickets we could get because we can never ever get over 150 and you will never believe it we won 474 tickets we were so excited. Our first game we played was Deal or No Deal. And Travis picked number 11. We had a few scares here and there. We were down to 2 case ours and the one on the board. One had 15 tickets and the other have 100 tickets (the highest you could win). We said no to our deal of 57 tickets and risked it all. We WON 100 TICKETS. We were so excited. Didn’t stop there, we saw a lady playing a game and she was getting tons of tickets but just dropping a coin in so that is what we ended up playing the rest of the night after basketball, skeeball (don’t know if that’s how you spell it but oh well lol), and air hockey. So we went up to the counter to pick our prizes and all we could think about is what Donaven would like to play with. So we got a giant dice, Hammer, football, one air head and two tootsie rolls. We were so excited and then realized we had the blow them all up and we don’t have a pump so needless to say they are still sitting on the counter waiting to be blown up. Then we went shopping/looking around at Toys R Us, Old Navy, then went and walked the Mall, went to dinner at Olive Garden and our waitress was fantastic, then went to Fred Meyers to buy a game and then we went to the Anniversary Inn. We started in the Hollywood Romance Room. Loved it, so pretty and relaxing.

Sadly I am still in school but, I went and talked with an advisor as long as I at least take 9 credits a semester I will graduate in 2013. How awesome is that. I am super excited and I can finally see the end. I just hope that every things works out and I will be able to finally graduate. Starting next summer Travis and I are both going to take summer classes to help the process go faster. We still don’t know how long Travis has but he just needs to get in with an advisor and talk it out. I don’t think he has much longer either.

Travis works so hard and I am so proud of him. In June and July his schedule will be changing to 1-11pm. Which will suck but it will be worth it in the end. Donaven and I will just have to adjust the best we can. The reason this is happening is that he is training to become a Manger for Fred Meyer. I am so proud of him and everything he has done for this family and letting me stay home with our wonderful son.

Donaven is growing every day. Just gave him a hair cute the other day and he looks so much older and like a mini Travis. Love it. One funny thing I must share with you. My son knows what is right and what is wrong with mommy and daddy but not with other people. He knows he can through the rules out the window. My mom was watching him the other day and Donaven knows he is not supposed to have the red PS remote he can only play with the blue one. But he knew that grandma didn’t know that. So he looked at her and just laughed went and grabbed the blue PS remote and gave it to her and he took the red PS remote and he just started laughing and pushing all the buttons. My mom had no idea why he thought this was funny until we came home and told her. She couldn’t believe that he could have done that. He is a very smart little boy and most of the time too smart for his own good. All we could do is pray he didn’t buy anything and laugh at the situation. Donaven loves to play outside. I am so excited for the weather to get warm because this kid will probably live outside all summer. He is going to have a blast.