Sunday, November 28, 2010

Getting better.....

Nothing really new with us. We had a wonderful Thanksgiving with the family. Miss our other family that lives in Pocatello. Loved the Thanksgiving break away from school, don’t want to go back. We got to enjoy each other and have free time which was so nice even though I really should have done homework.

My sister and I went shopping on Black Friday. I know call us crazy. We started at midnight at Wal-Mart, then by 1 we were standing in line a Target for 3 hours (opened at 4) then by 5 we were still in line to check out. I left my sister in line and I went to a Shopko got out of there by 630 and my sister had just been out for maybe 20 minutes. It was crazy insane. Then we went to Fred Meyer to get socks. We were home by 730 got there throw my keys and wallet on the ground and feel to the ground. As soon as I put my head on the ground Donaven attached me. So needless to say I didn't get to sleep every long. We both took a nap together then by 3 I went and woke up Travis so I could get some sleep before the BSU game. So I got into bed then couldn't sleep because all I could think about what that I needed to tell Travis what had happened and everything that I got. So then I did that. Did some work and then I finally feel asleep and then like an hour later it was time to go. So didn't get a lot of sleep but when you’re dumb you got to be tough. The only good thing is that I got most of our Christmas done. Just a few people left and Donaven Birthday!

Donaven is turning ONE in 19 days. I can't believe it. Our little boy is one. He has been such a blast this year and I can't wait to see what is in store for us next year. I know it’s going to be a challenge but I can't wait for it. He has been talking and running like crazy. He is such an odd duck and anyone can tell you the same thing. That is the best thing about him. He has his own personality that we just love to have around. He smiles to everyone, loves to give hugs and kisses. And it is usually not one it like ten. This makes anyone’s day. Get into everything and loves to throw it. Drives me crazy.

The funniest thing happened tonight. Travis was giving him a bath and usually after every bath he loves to run around naked for a minute or two then he gets ready for bed. Well he thought he would have a little fun with daddy and so did I. Donaven was in the kitchen and Travis was getting up to go get him and I said "run run run" and well he did. Travis was chasing him all over the house while he was naked. He thought it was the funniest thing every. He was laughing so hard he ran into objects. But then would get back up and see where his daddy was. As soon as Travis would get close to him he would run again. I died laughing and Travis was like fine whatever you get him dressed. Then I stopped. :) I was just glad that he didn’t pee or poop on the carpet because that has already happened once when he ran around naked after bath time.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Why Why

Don't know why it is so hard to try and write something every week but it is. Going to try and be better but not going to promise anything :) Just got family pictures done the other day and they are super cute.

Donaven is almost 11 months old. Which is crazy to think because that means he will be a YEAR old next month. I can't believe how much time has gone by. He is walking and running all over the place. He is a handful. He started walking at 9 months. He can stop just about anyone that he passes. They stop and say how cute he is and then he just smiles and runs away. So funny. Big time flirt and we are not even one. Can you say big trouble. Donaven last time we weighted was at 24 pounds. I know chuncky monkey, he is healthy and strong and that is all that matters to us. We keep hoping that he will start to lose some since he is walking and running but he just seems to want to eat more lol. He is starting not to like baby food any more and wants what ever we are having. He still only has 2 teeth. I keep thinking that he is teething but he's not. So I am waiting for the day that all of his teeth will come in at once. :)

Travis is still working at Freds. He is now working the grave yard shift. Which is kind of nice and not at the same time. We have a lot more family time which is awesome but he is gone during the night and sometimes that is really scary. But it brings in the money to pay the bills. He is getting a raise in the next few weeks we hope. (cross our fingers). So that will be nice to have a little bit more coming in. He is going to school part time and just keeping busy.

I am also going to school and have about 10 credits. I did have 12 but I dropped one class when we were moving and everything was changing. It was just to hard. I actually just started my own business. Premier Designs Jewelry. I am an consultant. I am really excited about it I hope that everything goes well. Its nice just having to work when I want and for how long I want. But the other nice thing is it is kind of my away time from everything.

We just welcomed a new niece into the world today 11/08/10. He name is Jami Lyn Glascock. She was 9 pounds 5 ounces and 22 inches long. She had a lot of dark hair. Just the cutest thing ever.

Friday, October 8, 2010

I know I know.......

So it has been a very long time. But we have been really busy. We finally got our HOUSE. We moved in about 3 weeks ago. So we have been trying to unpack everything. Not as easy as I thought it would be.

Donaven is 9mth and will be 10mth on the 17 of this month. Crazy. But what is even crazier is that he is WALKING YES WALKING. All over the place. So funny and amazing to see him explore everything. So we have been on our toes. He has even found out how to get off the sofa and out the front door and get on the grass plus put all the rocks he can fit into his mouth. I am just amazed at how smart this little boy is. Some times to smart for his own good.

School has been really hard for Trav and I right now. I think with everything that has been going on we just don't want to go and do anything that has to deal with school. So it has been a struggle for the both of us. We want to take some time off but we know we will not come back so we are just going to stick with it and hope it gets better.

Trav has started his new schedule at work. He is now a Section head which is awesome. So proud of him and all that he has done for our family. He now works the grave yard shift. I have mix feeling about this. Sucks not having him at night to cuddle with and protect me if something happens. But on the bright side Donaven and I have been able to spend so much more time with him. He leaves at 11pm then gets home around 915am the next day. Sleeps most of the day and gets up around 2 or 3 and is up until Donaven goes to bed. So we actually get to have dinner together, watch TV shows and have dinner with our friends and just be together. So when I look at the big picture it seems to work out for the best. Plus it has been pretty consistence on his days off which has been so nice.

Last month I was coaching 8th grade C team Volleyball and that was interesting and tons of fun. I really enjoyed getting out there and playing and teaching the girls. It was tough at times but when isn’t life rough. Now that Volleyball is done I am starting my own business. I am really scared but Travis supports me and believes in me so I know everything is going to be ok. I am going to sale Premier Design Jewelry. I am super excited and hope that everything goes well. Along with that I am going to sale watches (the really cute beaded watches I will get a picture and post soon).

About our house We LOVE IT. Love having our own space to do whatever to. It is taking a long time to put together. Not going to lie with everything going on I really don't have the time to work on it and make it perfect. So right now it is just thrown together as neat as possible until I have time to work and make it perfect. :) Plus usually what I do Donaven has to go and rip it down and make a mess so what is the point anyways. :)

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Quick update.....

I am really bad at this. I thought that I would have more time to do this. WRONG! My little guy is 8mths. Crazy!!! Time is just going by so quick. He is into everything and when I say everything it really is. He can pull himself up, crawling all over the place. He is a pretty smart little boy. He has two teeth already and more are their way. He has the cutest smile and laugh. Donaven loves his family. He has gone so many places already and he has been such a good boy.

About a month ago we went to Denver for a few days and we drove the whole way. (Long trip) The way up was the worst he didn't like being locked down for the whole trip and then way back he was such a trooper. He did great! Slept the whole time and came home and said hi to papa and nana and went to bed for another 5-7 hours. I couldn't believe it.

We are still living with my parents. We have been dealing with our house for the past 4 months and we are finally in the last stage. We can see the light. We hope to be in the house before the end of September. Crossing our fingers everything goes well. We are so excited and can’t stand it. It has been a rough road for us. We have thought about just ending the process and starting over or even going back to renting. After praying and thinking about the pro's and cons of everything we have decided to stick it out. So I will keep you updated on the house situation.

Well...lets see what else has happened. My brother and sister-in-law have had their baby and she is just beautiful. Her name is Tegan Marie Lang.

Here are a few pictures of the man that rules our life. :)

These to pictures we let him feed himself. And let me tell you he loves it. Mashed potatos are his favorite. Then since he was a good boy we gave him so chocolate cake and he had it all over the place.

This picture we are heading to the water park. All smiles....

Me and my little boy at the Zoo!!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

6 months old...

Our little bundle of joy is 6 months old. Crazy how time goes. I just wanted to show some picture of our handsome little boy. He is so much fun. He is starting to stay up for most of the day and sometimes the night. lol. He is sitting up on his own, rolling all over the place, smiling, laughing, and eating. He has tried some new food once in a while when I become brave and deiced that its OK. :) We have started rice cereal at night with his bottle to help him sleep longer, then we are feeding him baby food at dinner. Since I am trying to get him off me we are going slowly and he seems to like it. He has just grown so much I can't even being to explain. Crazy crazy..

Well we are still waiting news on our house. We hope within the week we get a letter saying that we can being our process. Crossing our fingers.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Our Wonderful Life

Ok. I know that it’s been a long time and I am not that great at this, but things have been crazy and I mean crazy. So we moved to Kuna last month and have been living with my brother and sister-in-law. That was a lot of fun spending time with them. Now we are living with my parents. Jon and Emi (brother and sister-in-law) are getting ready to have their baby girl come. I am so excited for them. So now we are living in my parent’s basement until our house close. So it has been a fun adventure for us in the past month.

It has been really hard on us this past month living in a small space and not doing everything that we used to do. I love to scrapbook and all that is put away. So I really don’t know what to do with my time when Donaven is sleeping. I know I know I should take a nap to but I look at that as my time to do what I want. Oh well.  Trav and I have looked at this experience as a good thing even though sometimes we don’t believe that to be true. We have had our shares of disagreement  This experience has helped us grow closer together. We do have our moments when we are butts to each other but who doesn’t right.

Well we just heard some news on our house. A few weeks ago the bank sent out an appraisal guy and well I guess they didn’t get all the information that the bank wanted so now they have to send him out again. So that should be done today then it will take 20-30 days to get the banks side all done, so then we start our process. So we should be in within a month and a half and at the worst case 2 months. So we are crossing our fingers that it goes quickly and smoothly so that we can get in and have our own space.

We are so grateful to my parents for putting up with us and letting us invade their space. Plus they are saving us money so that we can save for our house. We have the best parents in the world (both sides). They are so good to us and help us out in time of need, couldn’t ask for better parents. So I just want to tell them both we love you and couldn’t be here today without your love and support.

Ok now it’s time for update on our little boy Donaven. He is rolling over like crazy. So it’s so fun to watch him. He is starting to chatter a lot more also. He has found out that he has a voice and loves to hear himself. He knows how to shift directions if he wants something that is clear across the room he will get to it. He is getting so big I just can’t believe how time goes by so quickly. Nana and Papa love having their little boy here with them and watching him grow up. Donaven is the best thing that has happened to me and Travis. He is such a joy in our lives. It’s hard to think what we did with our lives before he came along.

I hope this makes sense to everyone. I am not the best writer but I am working on it and trying my best so stick by me and I will get better.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

We did it.

We found a house! YEAH. Its a 3 bedroom and 2 bath. We just put an offer on it and yesterday we just got a call and they accepted our offer. So we on our way. I can't believe it. I am the only one that has seen the house. Travis didn't come with me so I called him and tried to explain everything to him and then I told him that I was putting an offer on it. So I sure hope he likes it when he sees it. He has a lot of trust in me. So now we are just in the waiting process of moving in. It can be between 4 weeks and 3 months. We put on our contract that we must close by July 31. The only reason we put it for 3 months is because its a short sale and those take some time. We are getting a great deal. At least I believe that we are.

We are only running into one problem. WE don't have a place to stay till then. There are not a places in the area that will do month the month lease and not jack up the price. So as of right now we are going to have to live apart for a month. We will probably end up living with a family member for 2 months. Which wouldn't be bad but have to do what you have to do. Plus they would be saving us a lot of money.

Well Donaven and decided that he wanted to get sick on us. He is starting to get a cough. So I hope that it goes away soon.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Time is flying by..

Today Donaven had his 4 month check up with the doctor. He is 16 1/2 pounds and 24 inches long. We got ourselves a little chunky monkey. But we don't think he is. He is just perfect in our eyes. Everything looks good and he is a healthy baby. Which I am grateful for. We are so blessed to have him in our life. He brings us so much joy. Donaven gives us something to look forward each and every day.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

So far...

OK, so here is a update on the Baker family. Donaven and I went to Kuna last weekend and well lets just say we didn't find anything that we had to have. Which is sad. We did find a short sale I liked. It just seems like every house we like is a short sale. So we have decided that we are going to rent and just do a short sale or try and find something we like later. So Travis is moving May 8 and I am staying here.:( But we have to be out of our apartment in Pocky by June 1 because it is already rented out.So that is what is happening with our living situation. Great fun.

Also we got to go on a road trip with Papa. We went to St. George to see all the family for the first time. It was so much fun. Great Grandma Arnold just adored him and wanted to keep him for herself. :) So he got passed around alot and he was a very tired little boy. So on the way home we stopped in Ceder City and will lets just say that is a small town that everyone knows everyone. The reason I say that is because papa went to the bathroom and I went to go get a pop; will a worker came up to me and grabed Donaven out of my hands, so that I could get a pop. SCARY. Then all the other workers came over and just melted looking at him. Papa came around the corner and was like what and laughed. Lets just say we were out of there as fast as we could. Got to love small towns.

Our little boy is 4 months old. I can't believe it. He is so much fun right now. He is such a good baby. We are very blessed to have him in our life. He was so funny today. I sat him up on the couch and he went forward to far and fell on his face. I hurried and picked him up and then he laughed and then cried it was so funny. He is so silly and cute.

Travis leaves in 3 weeks for Boise. I can't believe its actually here. We are moving and don't have a place to live. I am so scared and hope that we find a place fast. So Donaven and I are staying here and Travis is going to live with my brother until we find a place to live. So it is going to be very sad and lonely around here in a few weeks. I don't know what we are going to do just the two of us. Plus I have to keep working so I am going to need a lot of help that is all I can say.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!!

Well today was Easter and it was pretty good. We just watched General Conference and chilled out. Then went to the Bakers for dinner and played a round of 5 crowns. During conference I made some watches. Lets me tell you they are addicting. But they are so much fun and I like doing it. Lucky for me my husband doesn't mind. He gives me his opinion on some of them and some I understand others I say "really" then I remember he is guy. :)

So here are the watches that I made today. If I remember right I have made about 13 different ones. Crazy I know but just so much fun.

Looks like Donaven and I are going house hunting alone this weekend. Travis can't come because he has to work so me and Donaven are leaving Friday morning and will be back Sunday. I hope we can find something. House hunting sucks. I just wish it would all be over and done with.

I had my sister take Donaven Easter pictures and they turned out so cute. He is just growing like crazy. He now was 14 pounds and 13 oz and 23 inches long at 3 1/2 months old. So he has just doubled his weight size since he has been born. He is not our little peanut anymore. But he is the cutest thing ever. We love it when he smiles and chats with you. It so fun to watch him grow and to see the different things he comes up with to do. :)

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

He did it!!!

So I have some AWSOME news. Well last night I had to stay up with Donaven while Travis went to bed lame. Well Donaven and I feel asleep on the couch and well he rolled and fell on the floor. I felt so bad. I couldn't believe it. I am just lucky that we have a tough boy and he only cried a little. I felt like a terrible mother but I guess we all have moments that we are not proud of. Later that day I put him on his tummy to see if he would roll over again by himself. He sat there just chatting away and then all of a sudden he rolled completely over. I jumped up and down and I am not going to lie I cried. I was so excited. So then I put him on his back and was like Donaven you just rolled over for the first time. He just gave me the biggest smile and starting giggling a little. I was afraid that he would do it when I was at work and I wouldn't get to see him do it for the first time. But he must love me because he showed me and not his daddy (hahaha). So that is our exciting news of the day.

Our other good news is that Travis got accepted into BSU so now we are just waiting on my acceptance letter and to find a house.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010


So it has been an interesting few weeks. We have been busy with school and I getting ready to go back to work. We have been contemplating moving to the Boise area. So we sent in our application to BSU. The main reason for transferring to BSU is for Travis program. The area of study that he would like to learn about is at BSU and ISU just isn’t cutting it for us. So we finally decided that we were going to go for it. So for spring break we went down to Kuna and spent time with my family. We went house hunting and found some that we like and then we found out half of the houses were pending and we were out of luck. So then we found an amazing Townhouse that we both liked. So we put in an offer and we were supposed to find out Wednesday the 31 if they accepted our offer. So our agent called us today and said that the bank couldn’t close on the day that we wanted. So we started to re –think what we were doing. Let’s just say there was a lot of talk and a lot of yes, no and a lot of prayer. Finally Travis and I decided that we would back out of the offer and search for another home. So we will see what will come our way and we hope to find another home soon!

While we were down in Kuna we celebrated our 2 year anniversary. Wow! These past two years have been amazing. It was the first time that we have ever left our little baby for a WHOLE NIGHT. It was rough I have to tell you. But we survived and so did he or should I say so did Papa/Nana. Our night out was so much fun and interesting. It was like we just got married again. Time to our self and focus on each other. That has helped our relationship in more ways than one. One thing that I have to say is that we went to the Anniversary Inn in Boise (so cool) but Travis had bought me a game and it was Monopoly, we forgot a screw driver so we went to the front desk and the lady just laughed at us.

I just started back to work yesterday. It’s going to be so hard. It was really rough yesterday I was gone for 8 hours  but he got to spend time with daddy which is always good. The funny thing was that today Travis had him for a little bit before he had to go to work and he didn’t want to leave him. He texted me so sad and I was like see what I have to go through every day. He told me that he should be able to stay home all the time with Donaven and I work all day. Yeah right like that will every happen. I better be able to stay home I am the women.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

LIfe is GREAT!!!!

My little boy will be 3 months old in 7 days. I can't believe it. The sad part about him turning 3 months means I have to go back to work. :( I don't want to. I have loved watching him grow and spending every minute that I can with him. I am going to miss him like crazy. The funny thing is I won't be working 40 hours it’s just like 10-20 hours. I don't know how some moms can get back full time after just a few weeks of having a sweet little angle.

He has been so much fun. He loves to be talked to, and to stand up. Travis and I have contest with him and it’s so funny. Donaven will say a sound and we will try and mimic what he says and he comes back at us louder and funnier. It’s so fun.

Another milestone that is coming up is, Travis and I have been married for 2 years on March 21. These past two years have been wonderful. Full of adventure, trails, and some twist and turns. I wouldn't have it any other way. I love him so much and I don't know what I would do without him. He has made me a better person and he has given me something live for. There are not enough words to explain how much he means to me. I am the luckiest girl in the world. I know everyone says "I have the best husband ever" but I truly believe that I do.

Here are a couple pictures of us on one of the most important days in our life...

Friday, February 26, 2010

Our little cutie pie....

I just love this little guy. He is the light of my world. Tonight we read a book and he just smiled the whole way through it was so funny. Then I captured pictures while we were chatting to each other. The funny thing is that I have to hide the camera and then when he smiles I have to pull it up really fast, in hopes that I got his face. :) Once he sees the camera he won't smile it's pretty funny. Also, lately he has been into his hands. He will just sit and stare at them and then next thing you know he has got them in his mouth. To cute.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Love being a Mommy!!

So today has been rough. I deiced that I wanted to treat myself and have a little chocolate. Well lets just say I am paying for that today. My little boy has had a rough day. Chocolate doesn't set well with his tummy. So he has been grumpy and crying just about all day long. Except for those moments when he looks at me and smiles and talks to me. Those are the times that I treasure. I knew that I would love being a mom but I never thought that it would be this rewarding. I love it. I just am amazed at how he makes me feel. I don't know what I am going to do when I have to go back to work. I am going to miss him so much. I know it sounds crazy but its the truth.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Well as you know I am not very good at this. But here is the update. On December 16 we went to the hospital and waited what it felt like a lifetime to see our little boy come into this world. We checked in at about 10pm and around 5pm the next day my doctor came in and said we need to do a C-section to get him out. So as I was signing my life away on papers, all these different people came in my room and were prepping me for surgery. Donaven Jeffery Baker was born December 17 at 6:05pm 7lbs 20inches.

Donaven is 2 months old already. Crazy! Travis and I are enjoying every minute of our sweet little angle. It has been so much fun to see him grow. He is still a little mixed up with his day and nights. He is a night owl. Switching him is harder than I thought it would be. So I am still in the process, but it fun for dad. HAHA! I usually take the day shift and Travis takes the night shift. So it has been nice. I get sleep YAY!

The one thing that he loves to do is lay in his crib and talk to his fishes. It’s so cute. He can stay there and be content for about 30-45 minutes. So that part is nice, because then I can get stuff done.

He is getting bigger every day. At his last check up he weighed 12lbs 2oz. He has no problem eating. :) He is such a momma boy!

This is is 2 month old picture!

I just love this picture of him smiling!

1 month old picture

We blessed him on January 31, 2010

One of my favorite. This was the day we came home from the hospital.