Wednesday, February 4, 2015


I love the moments when I am feeding LeeAnna and she stops in the middle of drinking and looks at me with those amazing blue eyes and just gives me the biggest smile ever and then continues eating. I look at her and feel so loved by her and amazed that I get to be her mother. She is growing up so fast and I am sad and happy at the same time. It fun to watch her learn new skills and master them. I love it when she will just cuddle with me. I love it when she is with someone else and she hears my voice she will look around for me and when she sees me she will smile and get so excited. I love that every time I walk by her and I don’t look at her or pick her up she gets all sad (its so adorable)

My most memorable moment with Oren is when he tells me he loves me. He is so sincere and serious when he tells me he loves me or when he tells me that I look beautiful, or even when he gives me kisses ( you can tell he watches what Travis does because when kisses me he hold my face and just has this look its adorable.)  My heart just melts and I just pray and hope that he will stay like this forever. I am so proud of him for trying everyday even though it can be a struggle he wins my heart in the end.

Donaven moments just amaze me and the man that he is becoming. I am able to talk to him about anything and everything. The one thing that I love is the way that he wants to learn and tell me about the scriptures and what he has learned. I love when he tells me that he will always love me no matter what.  I love the way that he helps his younger siblings and the way that he gets excited about LeeAnna little improvements with me. I love that he will bet up anyone that hurts me.

I have always heard that year 7 in your marriage is tough and I was so scared. Well I must say this year hasn’t been that hard yes we have had disagreements and hard times but nothing that we couldn’t handle TOGETHER. I love that he will still take moments to show me that he loves me no matter where we are or who we are with. I love that he came still give me butterflies when he walks into the room and makes me feel like I am the most prettiest  girl in the world. I love that he loves to do thing with me even though I know sometimes he would rather be doing something else. I love his love of our children and that he would do anything for them and play any game no matter how many time we have already played it (apple to apples J) I love his determination. He works so hard with finishing school and working 45 plus hours at work and then comes home to deal with everything else. I love him so much and so lucky that he is my partner in crime.  

Friday, October 3, 2014

Oren has done it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have tried about 3 times before this to potty train Oren but he just had no desire. We even bribed him with a trip to Disneyland because he wants to go so bad but that didn’t work either. He would just look at us and say no I want a diaper I still a baby. We told him we could go buy a new toy have candy but nothing worked until now. So about 2 weeks ago I was just so tired of changing his butt and new we need to potty train him plus then I could save some money and only have one in diapers.  We have talked about it and even bought special underwear for him to wear.  So I was like ok hold strong and push through it we can do it. I knew this was going to be a different experience from when I did Donaven so I braced myself. I looked up different ways to help encourage him and help the process go smooth. I put him right into to underwear did not want to do the whole pull up thing (in my opinion they don’t work it’s just a bigger diaper that holds less). Oren is my different child. I love him to death but he has his own beat and you just have to figure out what that is lol. So for him I need to take him to the potty every 13 minutes for the first 6 hours of potty training then he finally got it. If I was a minute over he would go in his pants but finish on the potty. I even had a timer going so he knew when it beeped it was time to go and try and he went willingly.

I went back and forth trying to decide on how to teach him with Donaven I taught him to sit backwards and it’s amazing I never have to clean up anything. He eventually learned to go the correct way but on his own time and when he was ready. So I decided to do it again since it was such a success last time. The only down fall of this method is that you have to take off your pants and underwear instead of just pulling them half way day. But hey whatever works right. To say the least we went without pants for a few days until he mastered it. We are still working on putting everything on the correct way because he loves to put his underwear on backwards and laughs because he gives himself a wedgie. I just laugh and say whatever you want kid. I am just proud that you put them on yourself and went potty by yourself. Everything takes time to learn and understand. We have even mastered going poop in the potty. By day 3 we were accident free and have been since then (knock on wood).

I am just so proud of him and what he has accomplished. I can’t believe that my little ODB is growing up and will be 3 next month. (which was my goal I wanted him potty trained before he turned 3 made it J ) I am truly the luckiest mom in the world to have wonderful children in my life and to be their mother. They each bring a unique quality to our family to complete it and make it wonderful and worth all the hard times.

 My little boy!!!                                                                       My big boy!!


Sunday, September 14, 2014

Running around like a crazy women…

So that past month has been crazy. First off some exciting news Travis got a promotion he is now the Garden Manager at the Garden City store. Which is super exciting and he has always wanted this position. So we are excited for him and I know he will be great at it. Also hopefully this is his last semester for school (crossing our fingers) we are just waiting to hear to see if he qualifies to graduate in December.

The start of our crazy life we blessed LeeAnna then we went on vacation for two weeks, then came home the week of my sister wedding and then moved my parents into their new house and Travis and Donaven started school. So as you can see life has not been able to be normal and cannot wait for us to get back into some kind of routine.

Where do I start… (beware many photos so I did a few from each day into a collage so you could see what we were up to.)
We blessed LeeAnna on the 3rd of August and it was beautiful and so grateful that Travis honors his priesthood so that he was able to give her an amazing blessing that will help her in the coming years. So glad that our family was able to share that special day with us. Something that I thought made the day special was that my mother in law made her dress by hand for me and was able to include part of my mom wedding dress as the beautiful headband. She did a fantastic job and couldn't ask for a more perfect dress. I was so excited when I found out that I was having a girl because I knew that I wanted her to make it. I know she spent many hours on it and I am very grateful that she took the time to make her grand-daughter a beautiful blessing dress that she will have forever. A side night on the headband. So when my older sister got married she choose to use my mom dress and did a few alterations and well my mom wanted my sister and I to have some of it as well. So I have kept it and always wanted it some how incorporated into the blessing dress.
So we left on our wonderful two week vacation and stopped in Pocatello for a day and chilled with family. Then we headed to Salt Lake for a day to play around and have fun. We got to hang out with our sister Heather and went to the Zoo and went to dinner. We also went to the Discovery planet by the Temple and then to build a bear and the boys got to make their own bears and they were so excited and adorable through the whole process. After that we headed to St. George to be with more family. We stayed with Grandma Arnold and that was so much fun. I love that my kids have a relationship with both of their Grandma Great (or as Oren calls her Grandma Grape J ) They got to play and color/draw with Grandma Great which was an adventure all by itself lol. They would color a pictures for someone and the wrap it up in anything they can find. I am pretty sure Grandma Great got 50 pictures while we were there. We are grateful that she let us stay with her and create and better relationship with one another. She also got Travis to watch a movie with us which doesn’t happen all the time but the movie she picked was priceless and we will never let her forget lol. (the King Speech and she says she doesn’t remember all the swear words so we just tease her now) 
We took the boys to a dinosaur exhibit that wasn’t all that great but at least we tried. Of course we had to go the splash pad and have fun running in the water. We also found a new kids museum that was so much fun. Each room had a different theme and it was two stories. For example on room had a plane that you could pretend fly and a car that you could fix with all the different tools that mechanics use. We can’t wait to go back again so much fun. The one thing that is a must whenever we go to St. George is getting our Torta (It was divine) Then we were lucky and my Uncle Vern had us over for dinner which was amazing and the boys got to play with their 2nd cousins. They had so much fun they kept asking when we were going to back and play again. Then my cousin Kason had us over for lunch because he always says he will cook for me but never does well he finally did this time. He made us chicken and dutch oven potatoes really good. Then we had to say good bye and head back to Idaho to go to the Baker reunion.

Then we got back to Idaho and helped gather things and load the cars up so we could leave for Island Park and start our week vacation together in log cabin together J There were about 20 of us under one roof and not going to lie I was a little scared and how things were going to turn out but it was a lot of fun and enjoyed every moment of it. They rented a large cabin that could hold all of us and it was beautiful. The first day we just chilled and got settled into our room and played around. We got to have our first camp fire and the only camp fire because it rained the rest of the time we were there. Each family was in charge of a meal and everyone did a fantastic job. We did Dutch oven Mt. Dew chicken and potatoes and I must say it was amazing and for dessert we did raspberry and cherry chocolate cobbler. 
Our cabin that we stayed at was AMAZING!!! I hope I get to go again because it was so much fun.

The second day we headed to Yellowstone which was so much fun. We got to see a lot of different glaciers and different kinds of animals. I really really wanted to be able to see a wild bear and we were driving along and we see all these cars stopped so we stopped to see what it was and it was 3 bears on  a hill side and one of the was eating a bison.  It was amazing. Then we got to go see Old Faithful and that was cool. It was a long and busy day of driving and walking. Loved every minute of it. 


The third day we were able to go on a Horseback riding and I have not been on a horse since I was a little girl. It was so much fun and our guide was so nice and funny. Oren was so excited to ride a horse. I was very proud of both of them because neither of them were scared. Oren started making sounds to get the horse to go like every second and sometimes the horse would listen and start to pick up speed a little.So I got to be with Oren for half of our ride because he fell asleep on a riding horse (who does that).  So I had Travis switch me because he was starting to get heavy so then I got to enjoy the rest of my ride with Donaven.  He was so cute and loved every moment of it. We left LeeAnna with Grandma since she is small and Grandma didn’t want to ride. Donaven was sad to leave his horse named Doc with his daddy but then he grew to love my horse which was named Bronco. When we were about done he told me he liked Bronco over Doc (yes I win lol) the only thing that was a little disappointing is that we couldn’t run our horse we could only walk. We were like 2 minutes away from the barn and it started to rain we had really good timing.

 Day four was just played games and hung out and we got to go fishing for the first time and ride on some boats. I was so excited because I have been wanting to learn to fish because I think it would be fun. I don’t like anything about fish at all but I was surprised that it was very relaxing and enjoyable. I even baited my own hook. I was able to take the boys out on a paddle boat and we got to go all over the little lake they had. Then my sister Kim wanted to take the boys out but Donaven wouldn’t go back out so she just took Oren out and got stuck lol.. It was so funny and she kept yelling out me to help her and I was just laughed and said you can get out of it. Took her a while but she did. The big kicker of it all was while the rest of us were horsing around thinking we know how to fish Travis starts yelling he caught one. It was huge I thought if anyone caught one it would have been his dad and it would be a tiny little fish but no it was my hubby and it was a big fish. Then came the problem of releasing the fish well he couldn’t he tried with all of might but he couldn’t get the hook out so guess what we got to take home a fish (yuck). He even had to gut it and cut off the head so gross. I am so proud of him. So then once again Mr ODB feel asleep but this time we were out in the boat with Kim and I and guess who falls asleep again in the middle of the lake that is right Oren. Then the rest of the day we just chilled and played games (which was one of my favorite things I love the game of five crowns just wished I had someone to play it with locally) The boys also loved to go catch frogs which they did every day we were there. They really wanted to take some home with us but I told them no and broke their little hearts.

Finally we had to start packing up and head back to the real world. We came back the week of my baby sister wedding. I am so excited for her. I can’t believe the day has finally has arrived and passed. So each day I was with her finish planning what needed to get done and having parties for her. One day we had a girls day and went and got our nail down then I was able to be there with her while my older sister took some first moment shots with Jake seeing her for the first time in her dress. It was so cool and so glad that I was part of that. My sister did an amazing job capturing all the moments. One thing that I will never forget is that giant spider that went up her dress I flipped out and Jake had to come to the rescue.  She got married on Friday August 28 and she was the most beautiful bride that I have even see (besides myself haha)

Then school started for Travis and we applied for graduation in hopes that he can in December (cross your fingers for him). The week after that Donaven started school and he is so happy but he is having a hard time because he doesn’t have any friends yet and he thinks he can go to kindergarten when in 2 day and every time I tell him no he gets sad and doesn’t understand why because he is almost 5 and that’s when he gets to go.

LeeAnna is now 3 months old and is getting bigger every day. She is starting to actually be fun. She now will smile a ton when you talk to her and will start to talk for a long period of time. She still loves to see everything that is going on and loves to be talked to. Loves her mommy and getting used to daddy. Starting to grip things and her brothers are even more in love with her than they day she was born if that is possible. We are so lucky to have her. She sleeps through the night since about 2 months old. Her last feeding is around 8-9 at night and then she wakes at around 4-5am to eat and then goes back to bed for a little bit longer until she starts to hear her brothers make all the noise in the morning. She loves to lay on the ground and look at the fan (we call the fan her best friend because she sits and smiles and talks to it every day), she also loves her swing and loves to stand up when she is awake so that she can see what is happening around her.

Well I think that’s all and I will get back to the kids and you can get back to your life. Sorry it was long we just had a lot going on and we want to share it all.


Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Things have been going well here at the Baker house. So I am going to turn a new leaf so we will see if I can do it. I want to try and post every month about what we have done or whatever. So we will see if I can do it. J We have had a lot of visitors over the last month which has been so much fun. We have been able to do so many fun things and have parties. I must say one of my favorite is we had an impromptu water fight which was so much fun. Travis couldn’t join so when he got home from work we made sure he was part of it.   

Donaven has been going to summer school just for the month of July which he has loved. I am so glad that we found this little preschool for him to go and meet new friends and learn. I tried to get him to learn with me but he was and still is stubborn little guy. He has learned so much and he continues to learn each and every day. Excited to see what this next year will bring us. We are so blessed to have him be our oldest child because he is so much help around the house and with his younger siblings. He also got to play his first year of T-ball and loved every moment of it. He did such an amazing job. The games were only 1 hour but they were so fun to watch. He was so focused on what was happening that he actually stayed focused for the entire game. He ran after every ball no matter where it was hit he was there and he would slide to make sure he got it over his teammates. He is a great ball player excited to watch him play in the future years. He is already talking about playing next year.


Oh my then there is Oren. I am trying to potty train him but he wants nothing to do with it. He knows and understand he just does not want anything to do with it. We have tried barging with him we even told him we would take him to Disneyland and he just looks and he says “no I am baby I want a diaper.” He ADORES his little sister and some days a little too much. He is so concerned with her and wants to make sure she is ok and happy. Oren loved to go and watch his brother play baseball and cannot wait till next year when he can play as well. He loves to help me out while I make dinner or whatever.


LeeAnna is getting so big. I know this time goes by so fast and I need to enjoy every moment but it really has been going too fast. She is already 7 weeks old and so adorable. She smiles every once in a while and it just lights up the whole room and her. She loves to sit up and see what is going on around her. Doesn’t like it when her brothers are all up in her face but oh well. She sleeps well. Loves to be talked to and watch fans and swing in her swing and when she goes to sleeps needs to be all bundled up. She like her bath time.

Travis is still hard at work. He is finally off graves which is nice that we do not have to be quite during the day and he actually seems to be more happier (probably because he is actually getting sleep J ) He starts school again next month and will graduate in December YAY! He will be very busy and we will probably not see him a lot but excited to finally get him done with school.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

She has arrived!!!

I cannot believe that it has already been 2 weeks since our sweet little Melanie LeeAnna joined our family. This has been the best delivery and maybe the worst recovery. We have had good days and our bad days. This will be a long one so beware I hope you have a few moments. Plus all the pictures J

This little girl is very special in so many ways. I am so lucky that she picked me to be her mother. I cannot wait to see what she brings to the family. She is already loved by everyone that has seen her. He brothers just ADORE her and I mean adore they do not leave her alone. Oren always has to be near her touching her or holding her if she is in his eye sight J She is very lucky to have 2 amazing big brothers who will take care of her and be there for her. Daddy is just in love with his little girl and is so excited to finally have a little girl. I am just beyond thrilled to finally have a little girl to dress up and later down the road have girl nights with her. I already love dressing her up and she always has to have a bow on her head except of course when she is going to bed. All that will have to be saved for another post.

First off I want to tell you about her name then I will tell you about my birth experience because it was the best one. We have a hard time agreeing on names. As it got closer to figuring out the gender we were trying to figure out names and we came up a boy name but we could not agree on a girl name. Well in December we found out Travis sister was not going to be with us for much longer and we wanted to honor her in some way if it was a girl. So we went through many names trying to figure out what we could call her if she was a girl. Well in the middle of the night in December (and our ultrasound was not till January) I woke up and I had this voice say Melanie LeeAnna is coming and then I went right back to sleep. I woke up that morning and remembered the name and I still get the goose bumps when I think about that night. So I went to my mother in law the very next day and asked her if she would be ok if I were to use her daughter name as my daughter name if Travis agreed to my name. To my surprise she was thrilled as could be. So I told Travis the name and he loved it. So then I had to decided how I was going to spell her middle name. Well my father in law first name is Lee and I have a sister named JoAnna. So I put the two names together and came up with LeeAnna. Her name is a very special name and she will have a lot of people watching over her.

So we arrived at the hospital 6 am and waited which felt like forever. We got into the room got ready and the lady said a different name and I was like no that’s not me and she was like what wait. She had the wrong chart. Came back with the right chart and then a couple minutes later another nurse came in and had the wrong chart again. At this point I was getting a little nervous but glad that they always checked information before doing anything. Then the odd question the nurse asked me was what my birthing plan was? I was like I am having a c-section what else is there. She then asked me if I would like to do skin to skin contact with my baby.  I was like you will allow that and she said they are now allowing c-section mothers to do that as well because it is just as important to those mother/ baby as it is to natural birthing mother/baby. With my boys I only got to see them for just a moment before they took them and Travis away while they fixed me up and put me in recovery. I always hated that because it would be like 2 hours before I heard anything about my baby or got to see them. So I jumped at the opportunity to hold her right away. So she came our screaming and everyone told me she was a girl I was just thrilled and relived she was in fact a girl (to many scaring stories about wrong gender) So they cleaned her up a little and then they came and laid her right on my chest. It was the most amazing feeling in the world. She was and is so beautiful. It was amazing to finally be able to hold her and create more of a bond with her. After a little bit they took her and did everything else that they needed to do.

She weighted 7 lbs 10 ounces 19.5 inches long born at 7:57 am. As I came into recovery room there she and Travis were. I was shocked because that has never happened. And the moment I was parked in my bed and awake a little they had her on my chest to try breastfeed. I was just so impressed with St. Luke and how they treated my family and I. They even allowed my extended family to come into the recovery room to come see us. They did not allow Travis to have her alone or to go show her off because Melanie had to be my side the entire time unless it was a nurse taking her to the nursery. We stayed in the hospital for about 4 days. The last day and a half she had a hard time nursing and I started to get my milk in so yeah it was been rough on both of us. She passed all of her test and everyone just loved her and wanted to hold her (made me feel good). The only problem that we came across was that she lost 10.8% of her weight which is not good. So she left the hospital weighing 6 lb 13 ounces. They do not like a baby to lose more than 10% so lucky for us my doctor likes me and knows I will listen to her instructions and come and see her and she let us go home when everyone else told her no. So we had to make an appointment to go see her the very next day. I also had to feed every 2 hours and then supplement with formula right after to try and get her weight back up. It was a very long day/night. So we went the next day and she gained 2 ounces. So I had to continue to feed every 2-3 hours but did not have to supplement formula anymore. It was still really hard because she refused to breastfeed she just wanted to the bottle. So we went in on Monday and she only gained 1 ounce this time. We were all shocked because when she would eat a bottle she would eat a lot. Doctor still wasn't very happy but happy enough that she is getting there. She is going on vacation so she said she would see us in two weeks but if we had concerns to come in and see one of the other doctors. Since then she has done a ton better with breastfeeding but she has to be mad to latch on correctly and get the flow that she would like. J Overall she is doing well and we are all in love with her.

As for my recovery this is probably the hardest. I have had a lot pain physically and emotionally. It has not been easy not being able to help around my house hold my boys when they want mommy and move the way I think I should move. C-sections have a recovery time of 4-6 weeks and man they are the longest. Thank goodness for family and all their help we could not do it without them. I have all of my family right here in the valley that have come over and my in-laws have come from Pocatello. They have been so sweet and have come down to help us out. For the first week we had Heather here to help with the boys and keep things in order while I was at the hospital then on Friday my mother/father in law came with Kim for the weekend to meet this sweet little angle then they left and left my mother in-law here with us. She is staying with us for two weeks (bless her heart) I am so grateful for her help and willingness to leave her responsibility and come here and help my family and I.  My ward has also been amazing with all the meals and willingness to help us out (thanks for not letting us starve J

Here are just a few a my favorite pictures that my amazing sister was able to capture for me. Thank you so much JoLyn Glascock. Memories were made and know I will be able to remember them forever. 

This was the first time that the boys were meeting their little sister. This moment was so precious and glad that she captured this moment for us.
This is the start of her many new born pictures. 

  I saw this picture on Pinterest and had                                                                      to have it for the boys.


 This is for her Aunt Nono (we miss you and wish                                                                         you where here with us)

My Handsome boys. They couldn't let sister have all the fun with pictures.

The boys just adore her. They are going to be amazing big brothers.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

3 1/2 weeks left :)

So life has been busy yet super exciting. Well as you all now we are expecting our little girl June 2 which is like 27 days away. Which is crazy to think, that in just a little over 3 weeks we will have a new little angle in our lives. We cannot wait to meet her and see all the adventures life bring us. As well as bringing a new addition into the family I am FINALLY GRADUATING!!!! YAY I am so excited and cannot wait for this to be done. I have worked so hard and I never thought this day was going to happen for me. Once we started our family I dropped to part time school because I did not feel like I could handle of the pressure and I wanted to enjoy my kids why they were young. Then Oren came and threw  us for a loop and I didn’t go to school for a little bit so I have been off and on which has been fine but rough. I am just so glad the day has finally come and so excited to share it with my family. I have taken my last final and got 100% which has never happen always been close but never a perfect 100% on an exam (very excited about that) I have written my first and last 12-15 page research paper and its turn in with a presentation and power point. I am working on my last paper which is only like 3-5 pages and doesn't seem that difficult compared to my 12-15 page paper. J My graduation is May 17 and then I will have a two week vacation then our sweet Melanie LeeAnna comes.
                I am so excited for her to get here yet scared all at the same time. I know things will be difference and may be harder at times but excited. She has been difficult yet nice to me during this pregnancy. I was only sick for about 5-6 months instead of the entire 9 months which was a huge plus. Then my blood pressure has been normal and nothing to really worry about. Since my boys gave me high blood pressure I have been on my doctor radar and watched very carefully.  The only thing that she did give to me is a lot of pain. I have had sciatic nerve pain in my left leg and there is nothing that you can really do about it but move slowly. So that has been  fun to deal with not but hey I will take that over bed rest any day, and now I am just get pain at random times in the day that are a killer along with Braxton hicks (we think).  She is a huge mover. She does not sit still. She moves in the morning, afternoon and night which is a lot of fun to feel but sometime she can hurt me because she is just a little stinker. She also only allows me to either sleep on my back or my right side. She loves to listen to music no matter what kind. Travis and I went to Wicked a couple weeks ago and she moved the entire time and when the boys and I dance and sing she is doing the same thing.
I tired to rotate it but I couldn't so good luck lol. 
                I have worked on her room for a while because I never knew what I really wanted but I loved how it turned out and so glad my idea came together. It still is not the most organized room but you can get the picture. I think we are pretty much ready for her to get her. I just had my baby shower which was amazing thanks to my wonderful sisters (JoAnna, JoLyn, Heather, Kim, Val) they did a wonderful job and to all those that came a spoiled Melanie and I rotten. I never thought I would have that much pink in her wardrobe LOL. So grateful for my friends and family that came. Having my shower done with just makes this so much more real because it means we are so close. I am starting my weekly visits to my doctor and everything is looking good so far. I even have my c-section schedule for JUNE 2, 2014 at 7:30am.  

I love the saying I found (and a lady in my ward who made it for me) Then I made those curtains by her crib and the sister missionaries painted my letters and I printed her name in vinyl and placed it on the letters. My sister Val re-pained the dresser for me and I found new knobs and put the final touches on it.  Then I have multi-colored lights up around the room.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

About Donaven

So I thought I would tell you a little story. Donaven has always been my sensitive boy. He and I have a connection that I hope will last forever. He knows when I am sad, worried, sick, and happy or whatever and he feels it as well. When I got pregnant with Oren I was really sick and he would be there for me when Travis was at work. He would hold my hair back for me as I threw up and then he would just hold me and let us relax. Or when I was upset about something he would always come and ask what he could do to help me. With this pregnancy he has done everything plus more than last time. One time when Oren was down for a nap he has told me to lay in his lap and he would hold me and he rubbed my back and told me to take a nap and he would take care of me. He just melts my heart. He is such a mommy boy and I wouldn't change it for the world.

When he first found out that that I was pregnant he told me it was going to be girl and I just laughed and said we would see. As time went by he changed his mind and told me he wanted a brother. So when we found out for sure the gender we went and bought outfits and wrapped it up and let him figure it out by himself. Well he just threw the outfits and said I don’t want a sister and he doesn't like pink. We all just laughed and said that was ok and we can get her different colors. As time has gone by he has changed him mind and is very excited that he is getting a little sister. Every night he gives my tummy a hug and kisses it and says goodnight sister and he will even pray that she will grow. Random times during the day he will say something about what he will do with his sister when she gets her.

One moment that just touched me was today. It was just him and I in the car and he was talking about how when his little sister gets here he will change her diaper and then have to put it in the trash. Then he told me that he was worried about her. The other day grandma grandma game him and Oren some money to put in their piggy bank. Well today he realized that his sister doesn't have one and that bothered him really bad. So he found a little piggy bank we had and as he was placing his money in his piggy bank he split it with his sister placing a coin in his and then one in hers.

I just cannot believe how much he loves and adores and worries about his little sister and she is not even here yet. He is an amazing big brother to Oren and I know he will be a huge helper and will protect his little sister as the years go on. I am very lucky to have such a sensitive child. I hope that he does not lose this quality. I love his so much and am so proud of the boy/man he is becoming. I love you Donaven Jeffery!
 This picture just cracked me up because he insisted on wearing my sunglasses, and every time he would talk he would push them down his nose and then once he was done push them back up. I just adore everything that this kid does. So lucky to call him mine.