Saturday, June 22, 2013

Picture time!!!!

So we just went on two vacations and I wanted to share some photos from them. So I will talk for a little about each trip but mostly I am going to use pictures to tell about our wonderful adventures. Going to warn you there will be A LOT of pictures so have fun sorry it will be long but promise you will enjoy these pictures.

So first one we left right after my last final and headed on our long journey to St. George just the boys and I. I know 12 hour drive just by myself I just may go insane so I broke it up and it took us three day to get there. Our first stop was at Chubbuck to see the Baker family. Which was a blast then we stole Kim and Mel and took them to Salt Lake with us. We meet up with Heather and went to lunch and then we surprised to boys and took them to the ZOO. Which was awesome and the boys loved every minute of it.  Oren just watched out for anything that resembled a bird and then ran over to it growling lol. Then we went back and got settle in for bed. But my night did not go as plan. I was up all hours of the night with Oren and then when we went to go leave he tripped and feel and cut his lip. So it was a long trip for everyone. But the boys did awesome. We finally got there and the boys were so excited to Grandma Great and have fun. We also were able to spend quality time with my brother and his family as well. Then towards the end of the week the rest of the gang showed up, Grandma Grandma, Papa, Jo, Neilsen, Traci, Nat, Jami got there so Grandma Great had a house full. The special occasion was that my cousin Kason was getting married. So happy for them. The started the drive home again alone. But this time I just went straight to Chubbuck to the Bakers and then the next day went home. Very event full and very exhausted.

 Playing Duck Duck goose
 Oren outfit ruined so we found a shirt and it fit perfect because it said faith, trust, Pixie Dust and if you know my boys we are all about Peter Pan and Hook so it was perfect. :)
 Our good lunch and huge Ice Cream
 Super excited for the Zoo but it was a little cold.
 Super excited that we were able to go with his aunts.
 Doing the Carousel. We rode this about 5 times and the boys loved it. What was funny was we were at the bird show and when we came out Donaven saw this and asked his aunt Heboo if he could ride and it and she said well you need money and he dug into his pocket and pulled out all the change that Kimmy had give him and said I have money and well could help but buy him some tickets. He is just too cute for words.
 Need I say anything.
 Donaven and his NoNo.
 Looking at birds. Very happy

 He ran from me and sat on the steps and said mommy take my picture and look how it turned out. AMAZING. So adorable. But then he started going to every step and trying to do it again because he got everyone's attention and liked that.
 At the St. George Splash pad. They loved this.
 Trying to get them to go in the middle. Was a little hard but we got him to do it twice once we just threw him in and then other time be said we would get him ice cream if he did. Of course I didn't have my camera ready lol.
 Right next to the Splash pad was another Carousel :)
 Then we got to go to Aunt Loni and see all of her animals. We even say a new born calf. Which was born while we were around the corner.
 Yumm Ice Cream

 These three did so well together for a full week. They laughed, screamed, and loved each other.
  Uncle Jon trying to stay cool :)

Then we came home for 2 weeks and then we headed back to St. George to drop Grandma Great and Grandma off. Stayed there for a day and then left for next vacation to Prescott Arizona to go see the Jefferies. Super excited its been a while since we have seen them. So thankful for them and letting us stay with them and feeding us and showing us a fun time. We were there for a week and it was a blast.

 movie time but more importantly quite time for us.

 Then Savannah wanted to give Donaven a hair cut. So adorable. She went got the towels wet and did everything she thought she needed to do lol. he was a good sport and just sat there and let her do what she wanted.
 Playing on the Computer
 Getting ready to go out side and use the squirter's  and they were very excited.
 They are so cute together. I hope they will stay close friends as they grow up.

 Savannah didn't realize how fast Donaven could get water and squirt at her. lol it was funny to watch and Jillian tried to tell her to hurry and get water and get him
 Love these kids.
 This was their favorite thing to do. Get everything they could carry and put in the play pin and then get in and just chill. All I can say is Good luck Jililan with your new baby girl and I hope and pray they wont try this :)

 Snack time. Towards the end of the week the blue chair because the hot spot. They fought over it all the time and could cry when they didn't get it. One time Donaven didn't eat lunch with them because he couldn't sit in the blue chair. So funny. (he also had issues with girl items and he would remind everyone remember I'm not a girl. Savanna made him a picture of a butterfly and cut it out and Donaven about potted a cork. He couldn't believe that she could tear the paper and then give it to him. So she started getting upset because Donaven wouldn't take it and said fine I will make you a new butterfly and heart.So funny then she came back and she had drew a picture of him angry and she was sad. So cute I had to keep it.

 We made some father day plate and they loved every minute of it and the father LOVED them.

Then after our week was over we were all sad to leave we headed back to St. George to pick up Grandma and head home. Thank you so much Jillian for hosting us and putting up with the screaming, crying, and making memories that will last a life time. I sure hope its not long time we can do this again. Super excited to meet your new member of your family coming in August and hope it all goes well.

These last pictures are just from the one day in St.George and the way home. Big thanks to my mom and he support and willingness to help me and my children.

 Grandma Great has a bird feeder and well my boys were at that window all the time.
 He had so much fun at the Splash pad even though he hardly got wet.
 Then we also got the chance to visit with Great Grandma Lang.
 Then I took the boys to the temple since I didn't get around to it last time we were down. It went wonderfully. They boy sat and listen to the recording and asked me a lot of questions. I was so proud of them and how well they did. As we sat down look at Christ the lady asked if we wanted the message and I was going to say no because didn't think they would sit but Donaven said yes and he was like mommy its Jesus talking to me. It was such an amazing moment for us both. So proud of the man he is becoming and couldn't ask for a better son's. Then we went and watched a video and he was like mommy we do that and wondering why we were watching and I explained.

 Stud muffin at the splash pad.
 He wanted to go inside the temple so bad. Ever since we went to the open of the Boise Temple he thinks he can go into every temple :). I told him one day he would and he said yes I will.
 My ham.
 Grandma was so sweet and she bought present for the boys to open during the trip when they started to get restless and they loved every single one of them. This was one stop and we played on the play ground and then we had poppers. Oren realized that it was easier for him to pop them by stepping on them and Donaven just threw them. So cute.

The kings of the road!!!

Sorry for it being to long but hopefully you enjoyed! Time next time!!

Love the Baker Family