Tuesday, September 25, 2012


These are my amazing curtain that I made myself. Love them.

My old flooring


Old Carpet


 LOVE THEM SO MUCH (thanks sis)

 playing at the park

 Oren new favorite thing to do. Pull out all of the DVD, or anything he can get his hand ons. He loves to emtpy just about everything. Makes me go crazy

  Oren loves the swings. He sat in there the whole time we were at the park.

 Sorry tried to turn but would not let me. Love this picture
 My two amazing boys. Love them so much. They are playing so well together right now. Oren is also walking which he loves because he can follow his brother around. :)

 Donaven being a wonderful helper. Had fun swinging his brother.
I have done some craft projects so I will post them another time.