Friday, October 3, 2014

Oren has done it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have tried about 3 times before this to potty train Oren but he just had no desire. We even bribed him with a trip to Disneyland because he wants to go so bad but that didn’t work either. He would just look at us and say no I want a diaper I still a baby. We told him we could go buy a new toy have candy but nothing worked until now. So about 2 weeks ago I was just so tired of changing his butt and new we need to potty train him plus then I could save some money and only have one in diapers.  We have talked about it and even bought special underwear for him to wear.  So I was like ok hold strong and push through it we can do it. I knew this was going to be a different experience from when I did Donaven so I braced myself. I looked up different ways to help encourage him and help the process go smooth. I put him right into to underwear did not want to do the whole pull up thing (in my opinion they don’t work it’s just a bigger diaper that holds less). Oren is my different child. I love him to death but he has his own beat and you just have to figure out what that is lol. So for him I need to take him to the potty every 13 minutes for the first 6 hours of potty training then he finally got it. If I was a minute over he would go in his pants but finish on the potty. I even had a timer going so he knew when it beeped it was time to go and try and he went willingly.

I went back and forth trying to decide on how to teach him with Donaven I taught him to sit backwards and it’s amazing I never have to clean up anything. He eventually learned to go the correct way but on his own time and when he was ready. So I decided to do it again since it was such a success last time. The only down fall of this method is that you have to take off your pants and underwear instead of just pulling them half way day. But hey whatever works right. To say the least we went without pants for a few days until he mastered it. We are still working on putting everything on the correct way because he loves to put his underwear on backwards and laughs because he gives himself a wedgie. I just laugh and say whatever you want kid. I am just proud that you put them on yourself and went potty by yourself. Everything takes time to learn and understand. We have even mastered going poop in the potty. By day 3 we were accident free and have been since then (knock on wood).

I am just so proud of him and what he has accomplished. I can’t believe that my little ODB is growing up and will be 3 next month. (which was my goal I wanted him potty trained before he turned 3 made it J ) I am truly the luckiest mom in the world to have wonderful children in my life and to be their mother. They each bring a unique quality to our family to complete it and make it wonderful and worth all the hard times.

 My little boy!!!                                                                       My big boy!!