Tuesday, June 7, 2011

I know it has been a very long time since I have updated out blog. We have a lot to cover since March. Well where to begin. We finally finish school for the semester and we are on to summer which is going to be exciting and adventures for us.

Over the past couple of months things have been rough around the edges and I have had a hard time keeping up with Donaven and all of my daily events that I should keep up with. Yes if you haven’t already heard we are excepting a little one on November 18, 2011. We are so excited can’t even stand it. It has pretty much been like my last pregnancy which is SICK SICK SICK. But what can you do about that. Every day I just have to remind myself that I get the privilege to carry a child and the day this baby is born it will be worth everything pain I go through. We are very fortunate to have such a well behaved first child. He has been amazing through the process so far with me being sick. He will just stare at me while I am in the bathroom throwing up and then he will flush the toilet for me and give me loves and lay down with me. Just the cutest thing in the world. I couldn’t ask for a better son. My sense of smell has kicked in very earlier. This is a big change because with Donaven smells didn’t really bother me but this round they do. It amazing that I can smell something horrible and have to leave the room until the smell is gone. Travis is having a hard time with it because he has to do a lot of the dirty work but he has been a good helper.

So this summer we are working on changing rooms so Donaven can have a big boy room and putting him into a twin bed. So excited to see how he takes it. I am trying to think of a theme and cute ways to decorate it so if you have any suggestions please let me know (I will take anything). Then we are going to have Donaven old room become the nursery for the new baby. No we do not know what we are having yet but hopefully by the 21 of June we will know. Deep down we both want a little girl but then on the flip side we hope it’s a boy because we have anything and won’t really need to buy anything. We will take whatever the lord gives us. Also this summer we hope to paint the inside of our house room by room. Picking out paint is a big decisions and tough one, never would have thought lol.

Travis is training to become a Manger at work. So he has a new schedule and not going to lie I hate it. He seems to always be gone. I loved his old shift which was grave yard because his schedule was consistent and he got to spend tons of time with Donaven and I. We are having a hard time getting used to yet but who wouldn’t. So he is doing this training for about 2 months and then he will be back to grave yards. Then he also got a calling in church to be the Stake Assistant Athletic Director. This calling has been great for him and getting out there to meet new people.

I am still a Premier Designs Consultant and I am loving it. It has been good, some months are slower than others but what can you expect. Other than that I am just staying home with my boy. We did take up watching my niece Tagen while her parents work Monday-Friday. That has been really good for Donaven in teaching him to share and be soft. Does really good for the first few hours then realizes what he is doing and stops. Really funny. Other than being pregnant and sick all the time that’s I am doing.

We did get Roaring Springs season pass we just hope the weather warms up so we can start using them. We are going on our Family Vacation at the end of this month. So hopefully that goes well. Going to St. George for a week and a half just me and Donaven then Travis is meeting us there and going to San Diego for a week.