Monday, January 16, 2012

New Year

Ok ok I know I said I was going to do better at this whole blog thing. I was on a role and then our sweet little angle came into our life and it’s been crazy good. So lets see if I can catch you up again.

DECEMBER: My mother in law came and stayed with us for a week which was awesome. We enjoyed her company. We blessed Oren on the 4th and we did a double blessing with my cousin who had her baby a month before. It was really nice and all the extended family there. After the meeting everyone came to my house for a baked potato bar. If you have been to my house it isn’t the biggest but it not small either (perfect for our family) we ended up having close to 80 people in our house. Let’s just say crazy. There were people in the bed rooms, outside, in the garage, on the floor, on laps you get the picture. We wouldn’t have it any other way. It was a great day.
Donaven turn 2 on the 17th. He is getting so big. We had just a small little party with family and two of his really good friends the Jefferies. They loved just running around and screaming (lol).
Christmas was awesome. We really enjoyed watching Donaven open his presents. He would unwrap them very slowing and after ripping a piece he would hand it to Travis or I. After each present he wanted to open it and play with it. It was hard to get him to open his other presents. We had to hide the present that he was playing to get him to open his other ones. The thing that I learned and very proud of him is that he is ok with just one present he doesn’t need a ton. Let’s just hope it stays that way.
Then it was my birthday! YAY! Travis took me to a movie and it was the first time that we left Oren and I was really scared but we left him with my mom and I knew he would be safe.

January: We went on our first road trip with both boys to Pocatello to visit the Bakers. We went for 2 days and I can’t believe how much stuff you have to have for 2 kids. It went really well. Donaven and Oren got to spend time with his Aunts, Uncles, cousins, and Grandpa, Grandma. Whenever I go down there I love to play the game 5 crowns. That’s all I want play. Lucky me they love to play it and gave into me and played it over and over again. Then I got my sister in laws Kim and heather to play Just Dance 3. It was the funniest thing ever. I really enjoyed watching them dance and seeing them huff and puff and for being troopers. I have pictures and videos but I don’t think they would like me to post them. So I will hold off until I talk to them. We played for about 2-3 hours.
Our church time switched and now we go at 9am which is going to be nice but not at the same time. The only reason I don’t like it is because I have to get both boys ready along with myself and to the church on time all by myself. Travis isn’t off work until 830-9 and so he will go straight to the church to get the sacrament and then go home and change and come back. It will be difficult on me during sacrament and let’s just hope I don’t have to take them out or that will be a whole different story. I do have to share something though. Sunday in relief society we talked about not judging others and our teacher told a story about how one time she was with her sister in law and there was a homeless guy on the side of the road and the sister in law asked for her purse and wanted to find cash for the homeless person. And the only cash she could find was a $20 and she gave it to him. She couldn’t believe that her sister in law was really giving him a $20 because she doesn’t know what he was going to spend it on. She was like yeah but that’s not my place to judge I am just doing the right thing to help someone. Then they went on their way to the store a few miles away. When they came out of the store that same homeless guy had followed them and he came up to her and told her she was his angel and he was so grateful for her. Because that money was going to feed him and his son and that she would never know what that meant to him. I just got the chills and started crying because home many times has that happened to me when I don’t want to give them money because I think they will just spend it on drugs or cigarettes. But that’s not my place if I can help someone I should. Because the savior would give everything he had to someone if they were in need and I need to do the same. Just got me thinking on how I should can change the way I think and not pre judge those around me.
We went to the doctor the other day for our check ups. Oren is 2 months old and weighs
10 pounds and 21 inches long and is healthy. Donaven is 2 years old and weighs 32 pounds and is 35 inches long. We have healthy boys at our house.

Travis and I are both starting school again this week. So life at our house is going to be very busy. Lucky for us we have scheduled our school time around each other, and there is only one day that we have a conflict and have to rely on someone else to watch both boys. My dad is going to by watching the boy on Tuesday from 5-9 so I hope they don’t wear him out to bad and he will still love them just as much when we are done for the semester.