Tuesday, May 6, 2014

3 1/2 weeks left :)

So life has been busy yet super exciting. Well as you all now we are expecting our little girl June 2 which is like 27 days away. Which is crazy to think, that in just a little over 3 weeks we will have a new little angle in our lives. We cannot wait to meet her and see all the adventures life bring us. As well as bringing a new addition into the family I am FINALLY GRADUATING!!!! YAY I am so excited and cannot wait for this to be done. I have worked so hard and I never thought this day was going to happen for me. Once we started our family I dropped to part time school because I did not feel like I could handle of the pressure and I wanted to enjoy my kids why they were young. Then Oren came and threw  us for a loop and I didn’t go to school for a little bit so I have been off and on which has been fine but rough. I am just so glad the day has finally come and so excited to share it with my family. I have taken my last final and got 100% which has never happen always been close but never a perfect 100% on an exam (very excited about that) I have written my first and last 12-15 page research paper and its turn in with a presentation and power point. I am working on my last paper which is only like 3-5 pages and doesn't seem that difficult compared to my 12-15 page paper. J My graduation is May 17 and then I will have a two week vacation then our sweet Melanie LeeAnna comes.
                I am so excited for her to get here yet scared all at the same time. I know things will be difference and may be harder at times but excited. She has been difficult yet nice to me during this pregnancy. I was only sick for about 5-6 months instead of the entire 9 months which was a huge plus. Then my blood pressure has been normal and nothing to really worry about. Since my boys gave me high blood pressure I have been on my doctor radar and watched very carefully.  The only thing that she did give to me is a lot of pain. I have had sciatic nerve pain in my left leg and there is nothing that you can really do about it but move slowly. So that has been  fun to deal with not but hey I will take that over bed rest any day, and now I am just get pain at random times in the day that are a killer along with Braxton hicks (we think).  She is a huge mover. She does not sit still. She moves in the morning, afternoon and night which is a lot of fun to feel but sometime she can hurt me because she is just a little stinker. She also only allows me to either sleep on my back or my right side. She loves to listen to music no matter what kind. Travis and I went to Wicked a couple weeks ago and she moved the entire time and when the boys and I dance and sing she is doing the same thing.
I tired to rotate it but I couldn't so good luck lol. 
                I have worked on her room for a while because I never knew what I really wanted but I loved how it turned out and so glad my idea came together. It still is not the most organized room but you can get the picture. I think we are pretty much ready for her to get her. I just had my baby shower which was amazing thanks to my wonderful sisters (JoAnna, JoLyn, Heather, Kim, Val) they did a wonderful job and to all those that came a spoiled Melanie and I rotten. I never thought I would have that much pink in her wardrobe LOL. So grateful for my friends and family that came. Having my shower done with just makes this so much more real because it means we are so close. I am starting my weekly visits to my doctor and everything is looking good so far. I even have my c-section schedule for JUNE 2, 2014 at 7:30am.  

I love the saying I found (and a lady in my ward who made it for me) Then I made those curtains by her crib and the sister missionaries painted my letters and I printed her name in vinyl and placed it on the letters. My sister Val re-pained the dresser for me and I found new knobs and put the final touches on it.  Then I have multi-colored lights up around the room.