Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Things have been going well here at the Baker house. So I am going to turn a new leaf so we will see if I can do it. I want to try and post every month about what we have done or whatever. So we will see if I can do it. J We have had a lot of visitors over the last month which has been so much fun. We have been able to do so many fun things and have parties. I must say one of my favorite is we had an impromptu water fight which was so much fun. Travis couldn’t join so when he got home from work we made sure he was part of it.   

Donaven has been going to summer school just for the month of July which he has loved. I am so glad that we found this little preschool for him to go and meet new friends and learn. I tried to get him to learn with me but he was and still is stubborn little guy. He has learned so much and he continues to learn each and every day. Excited to see what this next year will bring us. We are so blessed to have him be our oldest child because he is so much help around the house and with his younger siblings. He also got to play his first year of T-ball and loved every moment of it. He did such an amazing job. The games were only 1 hour but they were so fun to watch. He was so focused on what was happening that he actually stayed focused for the entire game. He ran after every ball no matter where it was hit he was there and he would slide to make sure he got it over his teammates. He is a great ball player excited to watch him play in the future years. He is already talking about playing next year.


Oh my then there is Oren. I am trying to potty train him but he wants nothing to do with it. He knows and understand he just does not want anything to do with it. We have tried barging with him we even told him we would take him to Disneyland and he just looks and he says “no I am baby I want a diaper.” He ADORES his little sister and some days a little too much. He is so concerned with her and wants to make sure she is ok and happy. Oren loved to go and watch his brother play baseball and cannot wait till next year when he can play as well. He loves to help me out while I make dinner or whatever.


LeeAnna is getting so big. I know this time goes by so fast and I need to enjoy every moment but it really has been going too fast. She is already 7 weeks old and so adorable. She smiles every once in a while and it just lights up the whole room and her. She loves to sit up and see what is going on around her. Doesn’t like it when her brothers are all up in her face but oh well. She sleeps well. Loves to be talked to and watch fans and swing in her swing and when she goes to sleeps needs to be all bundled up. She like her bath time.

Travis is still hard at work. He is finally off graves which is nice that we do not have to be quite during the day and he actually seems to be more happier (probably because he is actually getting sleep J ) He starts school again next month and will graduate in December YAY! He will be very busy and we will probably not see him a lot but excited to finally get him done with school.