Sunday, June 20, 2010

6 months old...

Our little bundle of joy is 6 months old. Crazy how time goes. I just wanted to show some picture of our handsome little boy. He is so much fun. He is starting to stay up for most of the day and sometimes the night. lol. He is sitting up on his own, rolling all over the place, smiling, laughing, and eating. He has tried some new food once in a while when I become brave and deiced that its OK. :) We have started rice cereal at night with his bottle to help him sleep longer, then we are feeding him baby food at dinner. Since I am trying to get him off me we are going slowly and he seems to like it. He has just grown so much I can't even being to explain. Crazy crazy..

Well we are still waiting news on our house. We hope within the week we get a letter saying that we can being our process. Crossing our fingers.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Our Wonderful Life

Ok. I know that it’s been a long time and I am not that great at this, but things have been crazy and I mean crazy. So we moved to Kuna last month and have been living with my brother and sister-in-law. That was a lot of fun spending time with them. Now we are living with my parents. Jon and Emi (brother and sister-in-law) are getting ready to have their baby girl come. I am so excited for them. So now we are living in my parent’s basement until our house close. So it has been a fun adventure for us in the past month.

It has been really hard on us this past month living in a small space and not doing everything that we used to do. I love to scrapbook and all that is put away. So I really don’t know what to do with my time when Donaven is sleeping. I know I know I should take a nap to but I look at that as my time to do what I want. Oh well.  Trav and I have looked at this experience as a good thing even though sometimes we don’t believe that to be true. We have had our shares of disagreement  This experience has helped us grow closer together. We do have our moments when we are butts to each other but who doesn’t right.

Well we just heard some news on our house. A few weeks ago the bank sent out an appraisal guy and well I guess they didn’t get all the information that the bank wanted so now they have to send him out again. So that should be done today then it will take 20-30 days to get the banks side all done, so then we start our process. So we should be in within a month and a half and at the worst case 2 months. So we are crossing our fingers that it goes quickly and smoothly so that we can get in and have our own space.

We are so grateful to my parents for putting up with us and letting us invade their space. Plus they are saving us money so that we can save for our house. We have the best parents in the world (both sides). They are so good to us and help us out in time of need, couldn’t ask for better parents. So I just want to tell them both we love you and couldn’t be here today without your love and support.

Ok now it’s time for update on our little boy Donaven. He is rolling over like crazy. So it’s so fun to watch him. He is starting to chatter a lot more also. He has found out that he has a voice and loves to hear himself. He knows how to shift directions if he wants something that is clear across the room he will get to it. He is getting so big I just can’t believe how time goes by so quickly. Nana and Papa love having their little boy here with them and watching him grow up. Donaven is the best thing that has happened to me and Travis. He is such a joy in our lives. It’s hard to think what we did with our lives before he came along.

I hope this makes sense to everyone. I am not the best writer but I am working on it and trying my best so stick by me and I will get better.