Wednesday, November 23, 2011

OREN is here. He was born 11/11/11 at 12:10 weight 7lbs and 19.4 inches long. He is healthy and strong boy. The nurses just loved him from the beginning. They keep saying what great color he had from the moment they pulled him out. My c-section was fast they started at 12 and he was out by 12:10. They funniest thing I thought was the conversation that my doctors were having while they were operating on me. :) I did have a hard time with the medicine they gave me I was throwing up all day/night. Then they gave me some other medicine to help with the throwing up and well I was out the rest of the night. I do not take medicine well and I told my nurses that before they gave it to me so they were warned. The next morning the nurses looked at me and said you weren’t lying to me when you said you don’t take medicine well and we both laughed. I kind of remember who came up but I don’t remember talking to anyone. When my family heard what they gave me they laughed and said ok I will see her tomorrow. :) Oren and I were in the hospital for 3 days. I have been in a little bit more pain then what I can remember with Donaven. They did have me walking the next morning after my surgery which was different because I thought I would have a little bit more time. I had some great nurses that helped me through everything and they were also very personable and I loved talking to them. Even though this was my second baby I still had a bunch of questions and they would sit with me and talk to me about everything.

While Oren and I were in the hospital my sister in law Heather was down to help Travis and Donaven out. Thankful for her because Travis was able to be with me a little bit more that we thought he could be. So thank you Heather. The first week we were home Travis took the whole week off to help out and to be with us. My sister in law Val and her kids came down for the weekend to help out and that was fun. She cleaned my house and helped out with Donaven. Grateful for her love and her support. Then my mom has helped us out the next 9 days which has been amazing. I love her so much. She has been amazing at being here and helping me with Donaven, house, Oren and I. She evens comes over at night to stay on my couch since Travis works the grave yard shift so she is here for me if I need help, also here when Donaven wakes up in the morning. Then she stays with me all day until Travis wakes up and then leaves to go home and then comes back later. I am so lucky to have my mom so close to me and willing to help me out. She has been amazing and I love her so much. I have my mother in law coming next week to be with us. I am looking forward to have here with us and help me out and play five crowns (LOL).

Donaven has been an amazing big brother. We are so proud of him. I didn’t set my hopes up high so I wouldn’t be disappointed. Donaven has exceeded my expectations. He has loved his brother and helped us out with him. He calls him his baby. When he hears him cry he runs to him and tries to get him to stop by either giving him a kiss, binky, or patting his tummy. When he hasn’t seen him in a while he will run in his room and climb on the chair and peek in his crib. He is just the cuties thing ever. The first night was different having two different cries to listen for. Oren isn’t a big crier yet but I heard Donaven yell “dada baby dada baby” while he was banging on the door. As soon as I picked up Oren and got him to stop crying he went back to bed. He did it again the next time he woke up. He is either a light sleeper or just very concerned with his little brother. He hasn’t done it since and I am ok with that.

Oren is almost 2 weeks old and we all just love him so much. I still can’t believe he is finally here. My days go by so much faster. He is a good baby loves to eat and sleep. Once in awhile he will stay wake during the day for people to talk with him but most of the time he loves to stay awake for at least an hour in the middle of the night. Drives me crazy but figured he just wants to be with his mommy. :) He loves to cuddle on your chest with a blanket. We also went to the doctor yesterday and he has gain weight and he is back up to his birth weight which is awesome. The one thing that I have a hard time with is he only eats for like maybe 10 minutes and then he is done for 3-4 hours. I worried for a while but then I pumped one day for 10 minutes and well lets say he is getting plenty of milk. lol

Sunday, November 6, 2011

My sister took this picture just the other day. Love it!

Well the time has finally come. I didn’t think it would ever come but it is here. Oren will be here in 5 days. I have scheduled a c-section for Friday November 11, 2011 at noon. I have to arrive at the hospital at 10:30 and by 12:30 our little boy will grace us with his presence. We have been contemplating having a c-section or trying to have a v-bac. We were all for a v-bac but with all the complications that I have had we decided to take the safe route and just get him here safe and sound. It will take a little longer to recover but its nothing we can’t handle.
It has been a very rock road but we are on the last days. I could have not made it without the help of my family, friends and ward members. Everyone has been so willing to help. I don’t know what Donaven is going to do when he actually has to stay home with me all the time again lol. He has been good through this whole process. It started out rocking but now when people come over he looks at me and says bye and walks out the door talking away to whoever it is. I am very grateful for everyone that has helped out our family.
So next time I update this blog we will have another addition. Can’t wait for you all to meet him.

This is me right before I got put on bedrest so I was about 32 weeks.