Thursday, March 6, 2014

About Donaven

So I thought I would tell you a little story. Donaven has always been my sensitive boy. He and I have a connection that I hope will last forever. He knows when I am sad, worried, sick, and happy or whatever and he feels it as well. When I got pregnant with Oren I was really sick and he would be there for me when Travis was at work. He would hold my hair back for me as I threw up and then he would just hold me and let us relax. Or when I was upset about something he would always come and ask what he could do to help me. With this pregnancy he has done everything plus more than last time. One time when Oren was down for a nap he has told me to lay in his lap and he would hold me and he rubbed my back and told me to take a nap and he would take care of me. He just melts my heart. He is such a mommy boy and I wouldn't change it for the world.

When he first found out that that I was pregnant he told me it was going to be girl and I just laughed and said we would see. As time went by he changed his mind and told me he wanted a brother. So when we found out for sure the gender we went and bought outfits and wrapped it up and let him figure it out by himself. Well he just threw the outfits and said I don’t want a sister and he doesn't like pink. We all just laughed and said that was ok and we can get her different colors. As time has gone by he has changed him mind and is very excited that he is getting a little sister. Every night he gives my tummy a hug and kisses it and says goodnight sister and he will even pray that she will grow. Random times during the day he will say something about what he will do with his sister when she gets her.

One moment that just touched me was today. It was just him and I in the car and he was talking about how when his little sister gets here he will change her diaper and then have to put it in the trash. Then he told me that he was worried about her. The other day grandma grandma game him and Oren some money to put in their piggy bank. Well today he realized that his sister doesn't have one and that bothered him really bad. So he found a little piggy bank we had and as he was placing his money in his piggy bank he split it with his sister placing a coin in his and then one in hers.

I just cannot believe how much he loves and adores and worries about his little sister and she is not even here yet. He is an amazing big brother to Oren and I know he will be a huge helper and will protect his little sister as the years go on. I am very lucky to have such a sensitive child. I hope that he does not lose this quality. I love his so much and am so proud of the boy/man he is becoming. I love you Donaven Jeffery!
 This picture just cracked me up because he insisted on wearing my sunglasses, and every time he would talk he would push them down his nose and then once he was done push them back up. I just adore everything that this kid does. So lucky to call him mine.